Monday, May 22, 2017

Bee Block Done - Time to Trim

We still have a whole week left of the month and I am putting my Bee block in the mail!!!   Trish  (who I met at the first Sewing Summit and is the nicest person you will ever meet!!!) asked us each to make one of these adorable Going to Grandma's Quilt Blocks by Pretty Little Quilts for her this month.   And yes, I am sure it is no surprise that I have added a Going to Grandma's Quilt to my make list.   I mean how can I not ;)     That suitcase is just so stinking adorable!!!  

And now, with that in the mail, (which I have to admit, it was hard to put in the mail because I so wanted to keep it :)  I can get back to my newest project.   On the cutting mat today is 128 Half Square Triangles waiting to be trimmed ;)  But if you have to trim, it sure is nice to look at these gorgeous Curiosities prints by Amanda Herring.  I just love these colors ;)   And of course, I always listen to a good book while trimming, it is so nice to still get to enjoy books, even if I don't make time to actually sit down and read them :)

I hope you have a very Happy Quilting (and maybe some trimming too) day!!!
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  1. The suitcase block is super cute! I bet a bunch of them will make an amazing quilt!! Have fun trimming and reading (or listening to) your book! Those are beautiful half square triangles!!!!

  2. cute suitcase, and I really love that fabric from Amanda Herring. Is that a current line, or is it coming out in the future? Hugs, H

  3. Sometimes I get so into a book I want more blocks to trim. I know, hard to believe.


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