Thursday, March 22, 2018

Teaching Times - Quilty Friends Winter Retreat

This was the first time I taught at the Quilty Friends Winter Retreat held at Bryce Canyon and I had oh so much fun!!!!   The retreat was 3 fun filled days of sewing, friends, and food ;)    I already posted back here about how much fun Barbara and I had in class, and the two classes I taught were just fantastic!!!   This is a tight knit group that comes to this retreat every year (as in they open registration and it is full in 1-2 days) so to be among them in class was just fantastic.   And the trunk shows and guest speakers were so fun :)   And I have to mention the food!  I have never attended a retreat where the meals were part of it, but this Inn had a restaurant attached to the hotel where we ate our lunches and dinners together as a group :)  Talk about amazing meals with so many laughs and good friends, I just loved it!!!

The first class I taught was my Moroccan Lullaby Pattern pattern!!   This is always a fun class to teach and I just love getting to share my way of making Lattice Blocks, especially because for a lot of students, it's their first time making Lattice Blocks which is always great because I love it when we get to try new things in class!!! !   And it is always so fun to see all of the different fabrics everyone chooses.     We had some fun background fabrics this time around that are so going to pop!!

And here is a closer look at each of their blocks. Everyone did such an amazing job!!!  By the end of class, everyone had finished a block and quite a few were well on their way to more blocks ;)  All of these ladies were so great to work with and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see everyone get so excited when they sew together that last seam!! 

The next day I taught my  Corkscrew Pattern  with 8 amazing ladies!!!  We were a smaller class but we still had just as much fun and good times :)  I wasn't able to get a group picture as several gals were heading home after class and everyone was leaving at different times to be sure and get home in good driving conditions.   But here you can see each of their blocks and how great they all did.   I just love teaching Corkscrew because it is one of those designs that looks super complex, but when broken down, it's really very manageable and oh so much fun!!!  And everyone's blocks just looked so awesome, I can't wait to see these blocks turned into quilts :)

And that is what I will look forward to next year!!!   Everyone gets to bring back their quilt finishes from previous years retreats and share them, and I am so hoping to get to see some of these blocks turned into finished quilts ;)  It really is just the best to get to see quilts from class finished and how happy their quilter is with them!!   Already looking forward to next February!!! 

If I have said it once, I have said it 100 times,  I love teaching quilting classes!!!!    I can't wait for June when I get to teach at the  Panguitch Quilt Walk .  Maybe I will see you there ;)  

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. Look at all of those happy, smiling faces. Love all of these blocks.

  2. I love the look of scrappy quilts and cleaning out my scraps is just a bonus. I want to do a braided scrappy quilt. I think that would be relaxing. I did a drunkard's path in scrappy balls. It was such fun and so colorful. I'd love to win, thanks.


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