Thursday, October 4, 2018

Looking Like a Quilting Kind of Weekend :)

So as I sat down to figure out what was next on my list of "quilty things to do" and I realized that I have 3 quilt tops that have all just been finished that now need to be quilted.   So ya, it looks like it is going to be a happy quilting kind of weekend :) 

First off is the Seeing Stars Quilt Top!!!  I am so excited with how amazing everyone's quilt tops are looking and it is making me want to guarantee that my top is quilted and bound for the parade. In the past, my QAL tops have kind of fallen into the to be quilted pile and had to wait around to be quilted, but not this year.   This is the first thing to get quilted this weekend, now I just need to decide what kind of quilting to do on it ;)  I am thinking it should have Stars in it, but we shall see ;)

Next up, a little secret sewing project that I will be sharing next week :)  This is the Shortcut Quilt from Fat Quarter Shop that I shared a little tidbit of back here .  The blocks were done for pretty much a month, and got set aside because I was so busy with the QAL ;)  But yesterday, I sewed the blocks into a quilt top and it's part of the weekend quilting party!!! 

And last but not least, another Shortcut Quilt from Fat Quarter Shop that I shared a little tidbit of back here  as well.  This one has been great to piece in little bits between the QAL posts, and I managed to finish sewing it up earlier this week which is great, because Homecoming for my Alma Mater is next Saturday and this quilt will be donated to help raise funds for scholarships.  So fun!!! 

And I have to say, with all of this quilting that needs to be done, I was ecstatic when  Fat Quarter Shop announced last weekend that they now sell Long Arm supplies.   I have been wanting some new supplies for some time but you all know how we just kept getting by with what we have on hand.  Like unwinding half full bobbins, and using regular quilting pins that bend and dull in no time.  And trying to eeek the oil out of the bottle that came with the machine, that your children conveniently broke a few months ago.   Gotta love it right ;)  But then there just happened to be a great Flash Sale that I couldn't pass up, and it just made sense to throw in a few more supplies, you know, so you can get the free shipping ;)    Can't wait to get over to the machine and try out these new little notions :)

Here's to a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!!! 

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  1. Pieced the back for my Seeing Stars quilt today but luckily, I decided not to quilt it this weekend. Hurrah for longarm supplies, whoever thought we'd need many bobbins! Get those babies done, not only do I have to get the QAL quilted but I have 2 others that I hope to get the backs done this week. Are you going to blog about our baby's cleaning and how sweet she's running now?

  2. I love your pieced top. Can anyone ever have enough bobbins?

  3. May I ask what makes these longarm pins different than corasage pins? I would love to see what you think of them after using them a while. Do they retain their shape? Ya know we're always looking for something better:)

  4. Just my opinion, but for your Seeing Stars, why not something round-ish? I love to see the quilting a contrast to the blocks (like matchstick quilting on a drunkards path, or wavy lines on a coin quilt.

    In you case, maybe a combination of both - swirls and stars, like the sky in Van Gogh's Starry Night?

  5. Oops, hit Publish too soon...

    Or given the theme of the quilt, what about quilting different sizes of Christmas trees?


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