Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Teaching Times - Utah Quilt Fest 2018!!!

I had such a great time this year teaching at the Utah Quilt Festival!!!  This was my third year teaching at this retreat and it is just a great one ;)   Barbara and I traveled up to Layton Utah for the retreat and had a wonderful time meeting with so many amazing quilty friends, some that we have met from previous years and a lot of new friends as well.  I just love that retreats are all about happy sewing times filled with love and laughter.

The first class I taught my Corkscrew pattern.   This is such a great class!!!  You go over so many basic piecing units and then some great tricks to have them all come together with perfect points.   Everyone did such a great job and their blocks are all just amazing!!!  And everyone finished a block by the end of class, which is just awesome as this one has quite a few pieces ;)   And I just loved seeing the different fabrics everyone choose :)

And I was super excited that Karen Tuttle, who was in my class at this same retreat the year before, brought her finished Moroccan Lullaby quilt to class to share with me.   It is just so pretty!!!  I should have taken a close up of the quilting, it is just stunning!!!  It is always so fun to see finishes from past years and it just brings a smile to my face to know these aren't turning into UFO's ;)    

The evening I taught my new Playground Picnic  pattern.   And I have to say, I was a little nervous for this class.   It's always a little scarier to teach a brand new pattern.  When I teach a class I have taught before I already know where students are going to get a little confused, or where it's easy to flip a block, etc.   But the first time, we flying blind :)   But I shouldn't have worried at all, because this class was amazing and we breezed right through, and it was oh so much fun!!!   And Shauna even brought chocolate, which is always great for an evening class!!!   And look how fun everyone's blocks are!!!  I can't wait to see these quilts come together :)

And my last class was the next morning and I taught my Square Dance pattern.   And this class was huge!!!  There were 26 students, and they all did amazing!!!  Lucky for me, This pattern is a little easier, otherwise it might have been a little crazy with that many people.   But it was just amazing.    The sewing machines just hummed away amid lots of laughter and smiles and I ran around the room seeing all of these amazing blocks come together.   Everyone did such a great job, and this class really showed just how different a quilt can look by simply changing the fabrics.   Just incredible!!! . 

And one student in class had so much fun she just couldn't stop.  Dana Tye sent me a picture of her gorgeous finished Square Dance quilt last week!!!  Isn't it just so fun!!!   And she finished it so fast!!!  I just love getting to see these finishes.   In class, each project starts as just a few blocks, and then I send them off to finish on their own.   And when they send back pictures of the finishes, well, it is akin to the feeling of a proud mama ;)   I just love it!!! 

And that is the Utah Quilt Festival in a nutshell.  It truly was such a fun few days getting to sew with so many amazing people and just enjoying the general quilty atmosphere.    I know I say it every time I get back from a retreat, but I just love to teach!!!!  It just makes my heart happy ;) 

And if you are wondering where I will be teaching next, you can always click on the Events/Teaching  tab at the top of my blog ;)   It has links to my 2019 teaching times so far ;)  Until next time, Happy Quilting!!!  
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  1. It’s almost a vacation, even though you were 'working'! Glad you had sew much fun. Everyone’s blocks look great. I especially enjoyed seeing Dana's finished quilt. I love her fabric choices. Very subtle.


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