Thursday, March 28, 2019

March Sew Sampler Box!!!

I am so excited that we are rounding out March.  It has been a crazy month, but I am so happy that I think Spring is finally peeking through here in Utah.  (And now that I say that, it will probably snow again, ah well ;)    But it has been so nice to have warmer temps and everything is starting to bloom!!!  And with the end of the month, also comes a new Sew Sampler box !!!      And March's box had me all smiles for this Paris French Market themed box!!!

I was thrilled to find a new Chantilly Jolly Bar by Fig Tree Quilts!!!!  I just love Joanna's gorgeous fabrics and this line is so cute with those fun little strawberries!!!  Now I just have to decide if I want to use my Jolly Bar to make the super cute Sprouts Quilt Pattern that came with this month's box, or the bonus Brookside  Quilt Pattern that came with the Jolly Bar, or if I should just add it to the collection of fabrics I am using to make my all Fig Tree Dessert Sampler????   Decisions, Decisions???  But hey,  it's always fun to have these happy fabric decisions, much better than deciding if I want to clean the bathrooms or do the laundry ;)

 And the notions that  Fat Quarter Shop sent along this month are so great!!!!  My daughter squealed when she saw these Tim Holt's scissors and claimed them as "hers".  She is left handed and likes the big grips that work for righties and lefties ;)  And this new Sew Hot Iron Rest from It's Sew Emma is just to cool!!!  What a life saver on your wrists.  And you know, I can never have enough Spool Huggers.   I love how neat and tidy they keep my thread bin ;)   Seriously, just awesome notions!!!  

And of course, there is a new Barn Block!!!  And this is the last barn block of the year!!!   Can you believe it, it has already been a year of making Barn Blocks.  And I just love how this one turned out ;)   And the crazy thing is, my grey and black scrap drawers still look the same as when I started these blocks.   Ah well, scraps just have a way of multiplying like that.

I just love the finishing pattern that was sent with this month's box as well!!!  It has adorable little Star Cornerstones, and I have already pulled out all my solid black scraps to make them up ;)  This is going to be some fun tiny piecing!!!    I am working on so many quilts right now, but I really want to get this on finished, so I will add it to the mix and hopefully share a finish before to long :)

And that's my March Sew Sampler Box!!!  And I can't wait to see what April's box will bring, because its a brand new year for Sew Sampler, it's turning 4!!!!   And that means a new Sampler Quilt as well and I am so excited to see the new designs!!!! 

And  just a quick note on the  Sew Sampler Box.  It's current membership is full.   There is a wait list you can get on and when more spots open up, you can jump in the Sew Sampler Box fun.   Until then, most everything I share is available at  Fat Quarter Shop, just not a few exclusive items.  Sorry about that.   I know there is talk of adding more membership but these boxes are planned 6 months in advance, so it will take a bit to have those advance orders come around ;)   Just wanted to let you know for those that have asked why they can't get signed up.

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!
I'll be back tomorrow with another quilt finish :) 

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  1. Melissa, I love your sampler box today, This is a beautiful block and I love the fabric and the goodies

  2. Love your barn block: pretty funny about the scrap bin though! :-D So true, the scrap bins never seem to get smaller!!


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