Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Be Fruitful Quilt Plan

Okay, so the last thing I need is a new project!!  But sometimes a new project just sort of happens ;)

So here is how it wen't down.  My Be Fruitful Block that  I made back here  is on my counter just waiting for the additional Goodness Grows patterns by Corey Yoder that come each month in my Sew Sampler Box.   And every time I go in to sew, I just can't stop thinking how awesome it would look in a quilt on it's own!!!

And then I thought, nah, I need to make the Goodness Grows quilt.   But then as I thought about the Goodness Grows quilt I realized  I am using an entire fat quarter bundle of Sugarcreek and the Goodness Grows quilt kit  doesn't call for that many fat quarters so there are extra Fat Quarters!!!   And my brain totally rationalized that the last thing I need to do is add more extra fat quarters to my scrap drawers right ;) 

So I started  doing some quilty math of what I needed for my Goodness Grows pattern and what I would need for an entire quilt of Be Fruitful blocks, and wouldn't you know it . . . The fabric requirements worked out perfect!!!   Meant to be right!!!    So then I sketched it up and it was instantly a no-brainier.   I need this quilt!!!

And to the cutting mat I went ;)   Who knows when I will have time to actually sew this, (so many projects :)   but it's all cut now, so I know it will happen, sometime!!   It will finish at 75" x 75" with the adding 3" finished sashing.  And aren't those cornerstones just so cute ;)

So yup, another quilt in the making . . . but less scraps in the bin ;)    That's a fair trade, right??

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  1. Totally win, win :)! I too am trying to clear out more of my scraps, but as I make scrap blocks - the baskets fill up again inbetween time - I guess that is also a win, win situation - more free quilts!
    Lovely block and fabric for this future quilt pattern!

  2. That is going to be amazing. I love the design for it.

  3. Love it when a plan comes together and you will be so happy when you get back to this one I bet....nice job!

  4. I loved this block in the Good Grows quilt, but was not as thrilled with the second block. I'm really warming up to your idea. This is a fantastic quilt. Will you be posting a tutorial or pattern? I would love a tutorial on how you are making the sashing.

  5. Hahaha! You are making me feel better about my quilting!! It’s so hard to not start a new project when something wonderful really inspires!! Looks great!

  6. We can't wait for Sugarcreek to arrive! Fun pattern Melissa; thank you for sharing and we look forward to watching your progress.

  7. I do love those cornerstones on point!! I love the block too!!
    How did you make the cornerstones--square in square??

  8. That's a lot of cutting! Do you use an electric cutter or just the rotary cutter?


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