Thursday, September 26, 2019

Tutorial Throwback Thursday - Sugar Pop N Change!!

It's Thursday and that means another Tutorial Throwback feature.  And this last Saturday was National Sew a Jelly Roll Day, and wouldn't you know it, I never got a chance to get to my sewing machine all day.  Not that I wasn't doing other fun things ;)  We had 2 competing in a Cross Country Race, 1 in a Mountain Bike Race, and the oldest going to his first High School Dance which was Homecoming and we hosted the group for dinner, pictures, and games after the dance.   So ya, it was a full day.   But anyhow, getting back to Jelly Rolls . . . I thought it would be fun today in honor of National Sew a Jelly Roll Day to post one of my first tutorials that was Jelly Roll Friendly and oh so much fun to make.  This is the Sugar Pop N Change quilt

Now if you are wondering where the quilt got it's name.   Well the fabric line is called Sugar Pop and since it was made up of a whole bunch of "coins" as we term those little rectangles,  I figured why not change.   Sugar Pop N Change.   I think it has a fun little ring to it.   And it is really is a fun one to make that goes together quick.   It is basically making 9 change blocks, and then sewing them together in an opposite 9 patch layout with sashing in between.   So great and super fast.  It is a great go to baby quilt ;)

And the tutorial, well, when I say this was one of my first tutorials, I really do mean one of the first.  I learned so much from writting those early ones.   I wanted to make sure I shared every little step, so this tutorial has a lot, a lot of detail.  Down to showing each of the cuts that you make for the quilt ;)   So ya, perfect if you are a beginner, and if you are more experienced, you can just skim ;)  

And I even included the piecing instructions to make a scrappy back!!!  That means you can just use a large square of yardage for the center, and then add the fun "coins" on the back of the quilt to make the backing large enough to quilt.  I love that it just ties the front into the back ;)  

And I just loved doing a scrappy binding.   I always love the way they finish things off, and it uses up every last bit of scrap for this quilt.   And that is always a bonus.  You just need 1 Jelly Roll, 1 matching Charm Pack, 1 Yard of Background Solid, and 1 1/4 Yard of Backing and you are ready to make the entire quilt, front and back ;)  So ya, super easy to grab your fabrics and get stitching on this one!!!  And it really goes together before you even know it ;)    

And speaking of learning a lot . . . the quilting on this Sugar Pop N Change quilt shows just what practice, practice, practice will do ;)   I quilted this on my home machine, and while it isn't horrible by any means, I can sure see how much smoother and consistent my swirls have gotten over time.   Gotta love that practice ;)  

I love that this little series allows me to look back and see how much I have grown.  I think that is important for us all to remember where we started and just how far we have come ;)   And that is probably the thing I love most about this quilt!!!  It's seeing how many of you have made your own Sugar Pop N Change on your quilting journey and how awesome each and every one of those quilts are!!!  I think I have seen more versions of this quilt than any of my others ;)   I love to see how you change it up to make it your own.  I have seen it made in every size, or including embroidery, or as a medallion border.   The sky is the limit and it just makes me so happy to see you take this fun and simple little tutorial and really make it into something special for you!!!

I hope you have enjoyed today's Tutorial Throwback Thursday!!!    To make your own Sugar Pop N Change quilt  just click on any of the quilt name links for the free step by step tutorial.   And when you are done, I would love to see your quilt!!  You can email me a picture at, post it to social media with #happyquiltingwithmc  or or add it to my flickr group here ;)  I can't wait to see your Sugar Pop N Change!!!

Thanks for popping in today and have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. I really like this one Melissa. This would be a great quilt to make using your scraps. Thank you for sharing.


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