Thursday, August 27, 2020

Back to School

So we are back to school at our house this week!!!  I am so very grateful that my kids are able to go back to school this year.  I know this is not the case for everyone, and I know it might not last the whole year, so I am just so glad for them for whatever time they get to go to school.  They so missed their teachers and friends, and I don't think they have ever been so excited for summer to end ;)

Spencer is a Senior this year (what!!!!) and Jessica is a Sophomore.   

And of course, we had to take mask pictures this year ;)

Kristian is in 8th Grade and Kamryn is in 6th Grade and gets to go to the Middle School this year.

I am so glad we made lots of masks as they sure love getting to pick a new mask each day :)  

And Jocelyn is our only one left in Elementary School and is in 3rd Grade this year!!

And according to her, we need to make even more masks so she has one to match each of her outfits ;)

I think we can manage that ;)

And in the mean time, I am stitching up a storm.  Even though my kids are older and don't need my constant watching over them, I am still blown away with how much more I can get done in a day when I have zero interruptions.   I am sure I will miss all of their "mom, can I??" in a few weeks, but right now I am just enjoying the quiet and stitching like no one is watching, because they aren't :)

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!!

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  1. I wish them all the best in the school year. When my daughter went back to school, it was always a treat to get the extra time to stitch or whatever.

  2. Sweet. I pray and hope that this school year is absolutely enjoyable and successful for all of your beautiful kiddos. I know and remember that quiet.
    It feels good to get back into some order, of course along with that is keeping track of school activities, homework help, feeding hungry learners, etc etc and the van driving all over town.
    Luck and love to you

  3. Yay! So glad they were able to return.

  4. It’s nice they can actually attend school. I’m not sure I could wear a mask all day.

  5. Wow! How could you not feel proud of those 5 happy healthy kids! I guess you really have been in production mode for masks for your crew.

  6. Hoping those backpacks have some hand sanitizer in them! Enjoy your free time (while it lasts.) Best of luck for a successful school year for all!!


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