Monday, March 15, 2021

A Star is Born Remix Update

There is an Update to the A Star is Born Remix Quilt PDF.  Please be sure and adjust accordingly and so sorry for the inconvenience ;)  

So this morning a typo was found in the A Star is Born Remix quilt PDF.   D of Background Fabric should measure 18 1/2" not 8 1/2".  You would have found this out super quick as there is no way an 8 1/2" square would have fit in the center :)  Sorry, I missed typing the 1.   So if you have printed this PDF please change D to 18 1/2" and if you have downloaded, please replace it with this new A Star is Born Remix PDF.  

Also, It should be noted,  You still need to trim your HST's when making this larger version.  HST's are trimmed to 9 1/2".  I assumed that was known, but should have typed it out in the remix pdf.   I have added it into the A Star is Born Remix PDF instructions :)  

The Links in past posts and in the Charming Baby Quilts, All the Quilts, All the Details have been updated with this change as well.   It has also been updated in the Charming Baby Quilts Remix,s PDF that has all 10 Remix's ;)  

And that is all for today ;)  The kids are home from school so we are going to find some fun stuff to keep us busy, but maybe I will squeeze in a little sewing time.

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!

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