Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Improv Table Runner

We spent last week in Salt Lake visiting my family for Spring Break.  It was so wonderful to be able to gather together and enjoy each other company, especially my sister who traveled down from Washington State.  I also loved getting to gift my twin sister this Improv Table Runner.   

When I shared the Guiding Stars Quilt I made for my friends at Moda, my sister called me right up to tell me how much she loved it, especially the panels in the quilt.   I knew at this point I would be seeing her in a month, and I had a few panels left over from the quilt so I thought, why not make her a special surprise :)  

I used the leftover scraps from my Guiding Stars Quilt to do some improv piecing around the panels.  I tried not to plan this ahead, and just stitch as I go and see where it lead me.   That is a harder way for me to piece, but I really liked the random nature of the borders that it created.  Of course, you can't help but create something beautiful with these Songbook Fabrics!

When it came time to quilt it, I decided on an all over curly q, but I added a little hoop on the end of each curl.   I really like it!!   And I decided to use double batting so that it would be extra puffy, and that made it super soft as well :)

And I had one extra panel square, and this one just happens to be my sister's favorite, so I put it in the backing.   I think the backing is just as pretty as the front :)   I love it when that happens!!

And now, it is happily found a home on my sister's dining room table :)   And she just loves it!!!   This was such a fun and fast project.  I really should do more improv piecing with my scraps.  It really is quite rewarding to just start sewing and see what comes from it.    Songbook Fabrics will be available in May, so not to much longer to wait ;)   And if you love the panels as much as I (and my sister do) you can have an email sent to you when the Guiding Stars Quilt Kit is available.    And you will even have a few extra panels if you want to make a table runner as well :)

Oh, and for fun, I thought I would share . . . Since all of my family was gathered together, we took family pictures!!!  

The Whole Powell Family!!

The Grandkids :)

My Parents and Siblings!!

This is the last time we might all be together for a long time as teenagers are getting older and will be moving out for missions/college/marriage in the next few years.   So these family picture are a treasure for sure ;)  My little sister took the pictures and is going to be editing them over the next few weeks, but sent us these initial photo's.   I can't wait to get the finals and hang them on my wall :)
The Love of Family is One of Life's Greatest Blessings!!!!  

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  1. Such an uplifting blog post, i do not rite often but always read your posts.

  2. Beautiful Table Runner - love the scripture panel blocks! Also lovely family pics - so fortunate that you could still do this before everyone scatters in different directions. Treasured memories.

  3. Love the table runner; wonderful gift for your sister! Glad you got to visit with your big, beautiful family! You are so blessed!


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