Saturday, August 28, 2021

3 Iron Giants Quilts!!

 Well, today was the opening of the Iron Giants Mountain Biking Team  season and I was able to finish up these quilts for my two mountain bikers just in time!!!  (as in last night at 10, tee hee hee)   Aren't they just so fun!!  I mean, does it get better then a custom rally quilts for your team :)    They bike at a place called Three Peaks, that looks a lot like the peaks in the quilt, hence the inspiration for little "mountain geese".   

I used the Spell it With Moda Letters for the Iron Giants and did the quilt in the team colors.   That is Kona Carrot, Kona Jade Green, Kona Charcoal and Kona Black.    Don't you just love that there are so many color options in solids, makes it so easy to match it perfectly :)  

I also used my little Slice to cut out my kids names and the biking Logo's.  GRiT is for Girls Riding Trails and BRuH is for Boys Riding Hills.   Unfortunately, I wasn't told until after I had already appliqued them on that the u and the i are supposed to be lower case.   Luckily, they don't mind, they still think they are super cool and used them to stay warm at the race early this morning before the sun came out :)  

When it came time to quilt them, I wanted to try and make it look like "bike trails", so I opted for wavy lines moving across the quilt.   Always an easy design, but oh so much walking back and forth in front of the longarm.   I certainly got in a workout as well :)    Oh, and it is a bit hard to tell in the picture, but I alternated colored threads for the team colors as well.   Fun!!!

Oh, and why three quilts you ask . . . I can't begin to thank the Coaches for what they have done for my kiddo's!!!   Being a part of this team has really helped them to grow into the amazing little people they are.   So what better way to say thank you than with a quilt :)  

And just in case you are wondering . . . the race was awesome!!!  It was Kami's first time officially racing and she loved it (can you tell :)   We are so proud of these two.  Kristian (Nader for short) races later today and we are excited to cheer him on as well!!!  

And I didn't even know it when I was designing the quilts . . . but their uniforms this year totally match!!!  How fun is that, made this mama's heart happy!!   I am so glad to have these three quilts done, they were super fun to make, but I will say, making three of the exact same quilts can get a little monotonous.  But they were totally worth it to see my kiddo's smile from ear to ear this morning!!!

And that is it for today!  I got to head back to the race course in a few ;)

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!

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  1. This is so, so special! Wonderful quilts, Melissa!

  2. The quilts are perfect and I really enjoyed reading about your family's adventures!

  3. Your quilts are wonderful!!! Great colors and design! Everyone on the team will be wanting one! Kami looks so excited!!!

  4. How neat that the colors match! Good luck to them all!

  5. Ah, I remember those days. Both of my sons rode for their respective schools during high school. The races were a pretty fun social time for us parents, even if they were usually 2-3 hour drive (each way) away! Your quilts are great. Glad you made them for them to enjoy for some time to come. Enjoy these days😉.


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