Saturday, September 25, 2021

Crumb Quilts by Emily Bailey

 My good friend Emily Bailey has just released a new book and I am so excited for her!!!   Her book is Crumb Quilts, Scrap Quilting the Zero Waste Way and it is just amazing :)   I mean, we all have Scraps, and they multiply like bunnies.  This is a great way to really bust through those scraps and make gorgeous quilts while you are at it!!  

So the idea behind Crumb Quilts, is basically to sew together fabric from your bitty scraps, and then cut your pieces for your project from that new Scrappy fabric :)   It truly is a way to leave no scrap unsewn!!

This is the same method I used to make my End of the Rainbow Quilt that is on the cover of my Irish Chain Quilts book!!   I called it Crazy Patch Piecing (there is a tutorial for it right over here)  but I think Crumb Quilting for sure has a nicer ring to it!!  

And Emily has taken her Crumb Fabric and made some amazing designs in this incredible  Crumb Quilts book!!!  I love this Twist and Shout quilt :)  Such a fun way to put the patchwork squares just dancing around the quilt, and it is just so fun to see all of those tiny scraps making a big square!!   You can really make some amazing memory quilts with these ;)  Every quilt will represent so many other quilts you have made and combine them all into one amazing project!!! 

And Emily doesn't stop at just squares . . .  You will find crumb pieces of all shapes and sizes, including triangles, wedges, and even curves on the front cover!!   And then she took it one step further and did Crumb Applique!!!   Oh my goodness, I absolutely love this and it is so on my to make list.  I mean, how cute is Crumb Applique :)  

So if you have scraps that are just overwhelming, (and come on, we pretty much all do :)  then Crumb Quilts is an awesome book for you!!!   I just love this idea of leaving no scrap behind and making new fabric from treasured pieces that were just sitting in a bucket.  

Way to go Emily!!  You did an amazing job on your Crumb Quilts book and I can't wait to bust out my scraps and do some more Crumb Quilting!!!   

I hope you are all having a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!

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  1. My copy just arrived today. Can't wait to get started!

  2. I've seen your videos and you always inspire me with your creativity. Thank you for the knowledge you pass on to me.


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