Thursday, October 7, 2021

Utah Quilt Festival 2021!!!

 Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of teaching at the  Utah Quilt Festival and and it was oh so much fun!!! The weekend was filled with lots of sewing, laughter, and all around good quilty times.  And Barbara and I were just so happy to get to quilt with so many friends again!!  

The first class I taught was my Desert Rose pattern ;)  This is always a great class to teach and everyone did such an amazing job.   I was so impressed with how much got accomplished because this block has a lot of piecing, and I do mean a lot!!   There are also lots and lots of points to match up, probably why I like it so much!! 

And here is a closer look at each of their blocks.  We did have 3 ladies that completely finished their block, and aren't they just stunning!!!   And the rest are just awesome starts, I can't wait to see these all done!!!  It was such a fun class and I am just so grateful that I got to spend the morning with each of these amazing quilters :)

That afternoon I taught my Wishes pattern.   And I was just so proud of each of these ladies!!!  They all had a block finished by the end of class and were so super excited to get going on the next one.  This pattern really is so much fun to make, you can't help get sucked into it and you just want to keep making another block ;) 

And it was so much fun to see the different fabrics that everyone choose for the blocks!!!  Each one is so different and it never ceases to amazing me how much just the fabric can change up the overall look of the design ;)  Love it!!!   I especially love the dark backgrounds, I am just loving dark backgrounds lately :)  

The next morning I taught my Nordic Nights pattern.   And yes indeed, we got our curved sewing on!!!  Everyone just did amazing, and for a lot of them, it was their first time piecing curves in quilting.   Just so awesome!!!  I just loved seeing all of their amazing blocks come together and I can't wait to see these quilts all finished up ;) 

And speaking of finished quilts, one of my favorite things about returning to a retreat  is getting to see the finishes from the classes I taught the previous years!!!  Lucille has taken a few of my classes, and I was just excatic that she brought back not 1 but 2 finishes for me to see!!  So exciting ;)  This is her stunning Corkscrew Quilt, isn't is just gorgeous!!!  I just think it is absolutely stunning in Batiks and Lucille did a wonderful job with the piecing and the color transition.   Just amazing!!!

Ruth brought in her stunning True North Quilt!!!  This one is just gorgeous!!!   She was just finishing up with the binding before class and it made the perfect finish.  Aren't those borders just amazing as well, just makes all of her beautiful blocks just pop!!  Such fantastic finishes ;)

And this is another gorgeous Corkscrew Quilt that was brought in!!!   Don't you just love that blue with all of the beautiful fall prints.   Absolutly stunning!!!   This is a quilt that has a lot of piecing, so it was just amazing to get to have 2 of them finished ;) 

And that is the Utah Quilt Festival in a nutshell.  It truly was such a fun few days getting to sew with so many amazing people and just enjoying the general quilty atmosphere.  And I couldn't help but snap this little selfie.  I had head mic's the whole time which made me feel like a rock star, so fun!!!  

And that wasn't all the quilty fun!!!   As soon as Barbara and I packed up from Utah Quilt Festival we headed down the I-15 for Garden of Quilts.   Pop back in tomorrow for all the details :)

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  1. Beautiful blocks and quilts! It must be amazing seeing finished quilts from your own patterns! Good to see a male in your class! Yes you look like a rockstar with the mic!!!

  2. You had a busy week! Glad I caught you as you left on Friday


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