Friday, December 10, 2021

2 Charming Totes for Christmas!!

 Charming Tote's just make the cutest Christmas Presents!!!   So excited to get these 2 totes in the mail for two very special people :)   I just love whipping up these totes, and have totally lost track of how many I have made to this point.  If you haven't made one yet, you can pop over here for the free step by step tutorial to whip one up yourself ;)  All you need is a Charm Pack and 2/3 Yard of a coordinating print.  But seriously, grab a few charms, because you can't make just one ;)  

The first  Charming Tote is in Gingham Foundry by My Mind's Eye for my Twin Sister.   When she was last visiting she mentioned how handy my tote was, so of course, I instantly figured I needed to make her one.   And I love the sophistication of this line, making it perfect for work for her.  

The second  Charming Tote is for my Mom ;)    I choose to make it in Notting Hill by Amy Smart, because she was born in England and lived there as a young child.  So of course, the cabbage roses, vintage drawings of English landmarks, and tiny British flags are just perfect for her!!   

And since these are for "super special people", I made them Deluxe :)  I added in some pockets in the lining, a small key chain holder, and put a strip of batting in the handles for extra comfort.  It only takes a second to add in these little features and I know they will be so super helpful to them both :)  

Now to get these in the mail :)   Homemade Merry Christmas is always so fun!!!

So do you have someone special you want to make a Charming Tote for??  Pop over here for the free step by step tutorial 

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting (and Merry and Charming) Weekend!!! 

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  1. Both great totes for your special ladies…
    Thanks for the link, may make one for my friend 🀩

  2. PS….. have a wonderful festive season ….πŸ€ΆπŸŽ„πŸŽ…

  3. Both of these bags are beautiful and special with all your extra thought-out details. Love them, Melissa!

  4. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who experiences chaos in transitioning to Christmas. Maybe it is because we have so much fall stuff?

  5. Thanks for sharing these. I plan on making one.

  6. Fantastic totes! Great with the pockets on the inside too. Thank you for sharing.


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