Thursday, August 25, 2022

Introducing Fast & Fun Lap Quilts!!!

 It's here, I am so excited!!!  My advanced copies of my new book, Fast & Fun Lap Quilts arrived on my doorstep last evening ;)  I was so excited I just tore the box open!!!  It suddenly becomes real when you can actually hold the book in your hands.  

So, let me share how Fast & Fun Lap Quilts came to be.   I had so much fun writting Charming Baby Quilts (my previous book that is all about using 5" Squares to make Baby Quilts), that I figured it needed an "Older Sibling".   So I set out designing lots of lovely Lap Quilts all made with 10" squares.  And I was quickly surprised with how much you can get from 1 Layer Cake.   So that became the theme to run with, and I just love how it all came together.   So, as you can probably guess, each of the 9 quilts in Fast & Fun Lap Quilts are made with 1 Layer Cake and a background fabric.  So fun!!! 

And here is the Martingale , my Publishers, description of the book.  I just love that they take my meandering words and make them sound so great, thanks my friends ;)   

Start with Squares...end with success!
Transform 10" squares into quilts that are fun to make, yet have an intriguing, complex look. Perfect for beginners and advanced stitchers alike, each of the nine projects includes pointers on making the most out of your fabrics, helpful techniques for block construction, and other tips for success.
Lap quilts make ideal gifts for special occasions, and they're a great way to show someone you care about them. No matter if you make cozy quilts for gifts or to keep on your couch, they're great for snuggling! Grab your stacks of 10" squares (or visit your local quilt shop to stock up), and start stitching fast and fun quilts that you're sure to love.

Fast & Fun Lap Quilts releases October 3, so there isn't to much longer to wait for them to be in your local quilt shops.    But like I said, I actually got some advanced copies and have listed them in my Etsy Shop, so you can get them pre-release, so cool!!!   And of course, I will personalize and autograph them, and leave you with one of my sewing mantra's :)   Oh, and I know, shipping cost stink, so I gave you a little discount on the price of the book :)  

I will be sharing lots more about Fast & Fun Lap Quilts leading up to October 3rd, and  have a fun Book Tour planned for it's official release followed by another Fast & Fun Lap Quilts Surprise for the new year :)  I just can't wait!!!  

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  1. This will be very welcomed in my sewing room because I have so many packages of 10 inch squares! Your patterns always sew up perfectly. Thank you for sharing your hard work and great talent.

  2. What beautiful quilts! I'll look forward to another great book.


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