Friday, October 7, 2022

Three In A Row - Fast & Fun Lap Quilts

It's Week 1 of my Fast & Fun Lap Quilts Book Tour and today I am sharing a second version of the Three In A Row quilt! The quilts in the book all are done with a white/cream background, so I wanted to make a second version to show you how fun it can be to change things up.  

 For this version of Three In A Row, I opted for a colored background.  My goal with this version was to show how you can make a quilt lean toward all girl or all boy by simply changing the color of the background.  We tend to lean to white backgrounds, but choosing a background color that matches with the prints, but isn't the exact same color of the prints, really adds an extra flair to your quilt. 

This version of Three In A Row was made using Wild Meadow fabrics by Sweetfire Road for Moda Fabrics.  All the quilts in Fast and Fun Lap Quilts are made with 1 Layer Cake/10" Stacker and a background fabric.  I am sure it is no surprise that I was drawn to this fabric, with all of it's beautiful hues of purple.    And the pops of gold are pretty fun as well!   The quilt finishes at 54 1/2" x 65".  

Since I custom quilted all the quilts in the Fast & Fun Lap Quilts  I thought it would be fun to do all over designs for these second versions, just to show how it can be finished custom or all over and still look amazing.  For this Three in a Row quilt, I quilted wavy lines across the quilt.   I liked the idea of the wavy lines, because it reminded me of my kids slashing their three in a row line across their X's or O's when they win ;)  And I used a nice soft pink thread, so it blended very nicely.    

And that is another Three In A Row quilt, the first lap quilt in my new Fast & Fun Lap Quilts book !  You can find the Fast & Fun Lap Quilts book in your local or online quilt shops,  C&T Publishing, or if you would like a personalized signed copy, you can order from my Etsy shop.  And if you make your own Three In A Row quilt, I would love to see it!!  You can share your quilts with me on social media using hashtag #happyquiltingwithmc and #fastandfunlapquilts and tag me @happyquiltingmc or you can email me a picture at   

Thanks so much for popping in for another Fast & Fun Lap Quilts book day of fun.  

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day! 

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  1. Your quilt is beautiful in that fabric line! Can you tell me what pink you used for the background color?

  2. I too love the background colour and how it highlights the prints in that fabric line. Beautiful quilt and favorite pattern :)!

  3. It’s beautiful with the colored background. Great quilt.


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