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Puzzle Box - Fast & Fun Lap Quilts Book Tour

It's Week 8 of my Fast & Fun Lap Quilts Book Tour and today I am sharing the Puzzle Box quilt! And don't be intimidated by the "interlocking" of this quilt, it really goes together super quick and easy with just basic piecing.  And I love how rotating the blocks of this one creates a whole new secondary design, just so fun!!!    And you have to love the scrappy binding to finish it all off, so cute!!!

Here is the introduction I wrote about Puzzle Box in the Fast & Fun Lap Quilts Book.  "Puzzle Box is a fantastic interlocking geometric design that keeps your eyes moving.  It was inspired by a small metal brain puzzle that my kids were obsessed with while camping.  The quilt looks a little complex, but with basic piecing it's a snap.  Puzzle Box makes for a modern finish that's perfect for any occasion.  And just in case you need to make a quilt for a man cave, this design is a good choice for a more masculine quilt."

When writing this book, I tried to give you all of the tips and trick that I would share if I were teaching a quilting class.  This is my favorite tip from the Puzzle Box quilt.  I know, we all (myself included) have walked into our local quilt shop and say we want to make the quilt just the way it is pictured :)  But there is so much fun and joy and mixing up your fabrics, including doing something other than a solid for the background.   That's why I keep sharing the second versions of the quilts, so you can see how much changing out the background fabric and prints changes the whole look of the quilt ;)  So don't be afraid to make it your own.  

Puzzle Box was made using Morning Light fabrics by Linzee Kull McCray for Moda Fabrics.  All the quilts in Fast and Fun Lap Quilts are made with 1 Layer Cake/10" Stacker and a background fabric.   You will use 33 of the 10" squares for this quilt.  This quilt finishes at 62" x 62", making it great square lap size quilt.    

I had so much fun custom quilting each of the quilts in Fast & Fun Lap Quilts .  For this Puzzle Box quilt, I quilted simple meandering in framed boxes in the background.  I love the way it echoes the design of the quilt.  Then in the Prints I just did a few simple straight lines to echo the square.   I used 402 So Fine thread to blend perfectly into the white background and all of the prints.   What can I say, it was my go to thread for this book ;) 

And that is my Puzzle Box quilt, the eighth lap quilt in my new Fast & Fun Lap Quilts book !  You can find the Fast & Fun Lap Quilts book in your local or online quilt shops,  C&T Publishing, or if you would like a personalized signed copy, you can order from my Etsy shop.  And if you make your own Puzzle Box quilt, I would love to see it!!  You can share your quilts with me on social media using hashtag #happyquiltingwithmc and #fastandfunlapquilts and tag me @happyquiltingmc or you can email me a picture at   

And speaking of making a Puzzle Box Quilt, my amazing friend Pat Sloan has made up her own Puzzle Box Quilt using Adel in Winter by Sandy Gervais for Moda.    Isn't that just so fun to see it done up as a Christmas Quilt!!  I totally have to make one now ;)   It is an absolutely stunning finish!!    You can see all the details at Pat's Blog, I Love To Make Quilts!!  

And while you are visiting Pat at I Love To Make Quilts be sure to enter her giveaway. She is sharing a copy of Fast & Fun Lap Quilts with one lucky reader!!!  How fun is that, You can enter the giveaway at her Blog.  

And that is it for today, thanks for popping in for Week 8 of the Fast & Fun Lap Quilts book!

I am just so happy to share this Puzzle Box quilt and be sure to pop back in on Saturday when I will share a second version of the quilt.  

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day! 

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