Thursday, August 3, 2023

Route 66 Quilt Shops !!!

 We had the wonderful opportunity to visit family in Kingman AZ a few weeks ago!!   Did you know Route 66 goes right through Kingman, AZ??   Well, we certainly got our kicks!!  

And even more fun than driving on Route 66, is stopping by the quilt shops just off of Route 66!!!  Kingman has 2 wonderful little quilt shop's!!  I visited Donna's Quilt Shop and got to sit and chat with Donna ;)  It was a wonderful visit.  

And you know I can't pass up a wall of Grunge!!!  So many beautiful colors!!! 

Then a block over I got to visit Connie's Quilter's Hide-A-Way!!  This was another cute shop, and of course, I loved that long arm's were humming away in both shops.   It is always fun to see the quilts that the locals have made.   So pretty!!!  

And this time, It was a wall of Kona Solids that had me stopped in my tracks.   I truly love how you just have so many amazing color options in the basics.   Just so great!!! 

It was such a great visit and then it was back onto Route 66 for more "Kicks" and some ice cream, because seriously, it was like 105 to 110 degrees while we were there!!!  

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  1. That's a really cute photo with the car and the Route 66 sign, but I seriously hope that that isn't your whole family you were travelling with! That would get a little bit stifling even with AC! I couldn't tolerate temps that high all of the time. It's bad enough that we just got a few days break from close to 90 degrees.

  2. Thanks for this post. DH and I are planning a Route 66 trip in the motorhome in the near future.

  3. Family time, great conversations, quilt shops, beautiful fabrics, and Grunge! Sounds like a perfect vacation. Many years ago, I too, visited Kingman,AZ on a family vacation. My brother was living in Las Vegas at the time. I wasn't a quilter back then, but did experience all the wonderful things the west offers. Glad you had time for a vacation. Vacations are so needed any time of the year.
    Sunshine and Smiles,


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