Friday, January 26, 2024

Start with Scraps :)

I just love working with scraps!!!   And ya know, I have enough of them to make at least 25 quilts, so it's best that I start with scraps sometimes ;)   And this is what was left of my scraps after cutting.  Scraps making super small scraps, so fun!!  And at this point, these scraps will go into animal beds for our local shelter, I can't keep smaller than 1" as my scrap bins would explode.  

And I just love my AccuQuilt for making quick work of cutting scraps.  The idea of cutting so many 1 1/2" pieces is a little overwhelming, but with  AccuQuilt GO! Log Cabin BOB Die  it makes cutting a breeze ;)  And aren't these strips just so pretty in reds and pinks.  Perfect for Valentine's day coming up soon :)   

And a little pop of purple (because you know I love purple!!) is making a great start of these blocks.   And yes, I totally fussy cut the flowers, they are just so cute.   Can't wait to see this come together ;)   

So how about you . . . do you like piecing with scraps???
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  1. I love piecing with scraps. I even did a video on YouTube "Scrap-Busting with the Accuquilt GO!"

  2. I like piecing with scraps though I'm one of those weirdos that really don't have a lot of scraps. I do have one big bag of dog and cat scraps that I really need to do something with. The trouble is there are so many different sizes and shapes that it's hard to know how to use them!

  3. I love AccuQuilt! I don’t have the log cabin bob but I have the strip cutters and used my 1.5” to cut a log cabin out of. Having to sub cut was totally doable! Can’t wait to see this!

  4. Yes I love using scraps, if only I had more time to do it would be fantastic!!

  5. I'd like to make animal beds for my local shelter. What size do you recommend? Do you just turn them & stuff with the tiny scraps?

    1. I was gifted with a number of boxes of upholstery fabric. I make pillows between 18" to 24", square or rectangle, try to use both scraps and batting, so they aren't too heavy. I also don't overstuff. I turn the pillows right side out and fold down the top, I oversew the top several times. Our animal shelter is happy to accept everything we make but I know other shelters are much more specific at what is acceptable. The last pillow Melissa made was about 36" X 72". It's pretty heavy but it's a cabin pillow and will have to stand up some heavy use.


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