Friday, September 17, 2010

What I'm Working On - Sneak Peek

I wrote down a list of all the quilts I have going on in different stages.  Most are just designs with fabric plans in my head, some are on-line groups I have joined, and  a few are in different stages of being completed.  It really helps to have a  list.  I won't tell you how many quilts are listed but I will say it is in double digits.  I know, obsessed much!!  So here is a little peek at two of the newer ones that are being  worked on.  These are making it so that the border on my chubby stars quilt is going to have to wait a week longer :)  

This is a part of my next "Baking" project.  It is going to be Twin sized when it is done.  I am super excited about it, it is looking amazing!! 
I just cut this quilt out this morning.  These are the selvages.  I was going for muted tones in the cool colors all from my stash.   I'm making this for Church Humanitarian needs and it will be 90 x 90 when it is done.  Stay tuned.  

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  1. LoL, now I dont feel bad when I sort of lost track of your projects earlier in the week... LOVE the muted color choices and cant wait to see the progress on that twinner... :)

  2. Well, add one more because your package will be in the mail tomorrow if I can get by the post office.....and their auto machine is working.....and I can get out of helping Frank paint the shed.......and creek don't rise!

    Can't wait till you see them!
    love ya, glen


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