Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Memories Bag

My Sewing Summit Swag Bag remake is complete, and I am just giddy with the results.  I decided right away that I really wanted to redo it as a sort of "Memories Bag".  I wanted it to remind me of the classes I took, things I learned, and people I met.  So I pondered for a while on how to do this and then came up with the idea of doing it a la "High School Yearbook Style".

I printed off some pictures on fabric using the good old Freezer Paper Printing method.  Then I made some fun backgrounds for each of the pictures.  The background for the class photo's represent what was taught in the class.  So fun :)  I wish I could have had each person in the picture sign the bag but alas, oh well.

So here it is, my Sewing Summit 2011 Memories Bag :)  I am so looking forward to next year's Sewing Summit and the opportunity to make even more amazing memories!!

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  1. How sharp are you! Makes me want to come to the Summit, too!

  2. Love the idea of your Memory Bag.

  3. Oh my goodness, this makes me want to cry a little bit! Such a sweet way to remember the weekend, I'm honored to be on your bag! :)

  4. Oh so cute! What a great way to remember such an awesome trip. So glad to meet you there!

  5. You are so thoughtful and amazing.

  6. What a cute idea! I still have my bag laying here... wondering what I'm going to do with it! :)


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