Friday, April 3, 2015

2 New Patterns!!

So it is kind of funny, but I taught these patterns clear back in January for 2 different retreats and was frantically getting them ready to be published.  I finished the patterns in time for the classes, loved teaching the classes, got wonderful reviews on the patterns, and then somehow, after all of the excitement let down, I totally forgot to add the here on the blog and in my  Etsy Shop ;)   So without any further ado, here they are!!!  Petal Pop and Trade Winds are my two newest patterns ;)

Petal Pop was originally featured in Quick Quilts back in 2013 and ever since I got it back from the magazine it has been on my bed.  It just makes me smile every time I walk in the room.  I frequently got emails from gals who had the magazine but wondered if there was a way to make it in a different size and I would think every time that I really should make it into a pattern with more size options.   And last year, I had a friend from our local guild over and she instantly fell in love with it and absolutely insisted that I teach this quilt at the next Cedar Quilt Retreat.  Which just happened to be the perfect catalyst for getting me to actually write up a pattern for it ;)

I have always loved this quilt that was actually inspired by a gorgeous tatting.  As I mentioned, I taught it in January and it was so fun to see everyone's different choices of colors and prints!!!  And everyone just loved making their blocks, it really is a lot easier than it looks ;)  And it is totally Jelly Roll friendly, so your cutting time to start out is super small ;)

Petal Pop has 5 size options, a Baby, Twin, Full, Queen and King and uses 3 varied block sizes to make those sizes work ;) So no matter what size your bed is, there will be one that works for you ;)   So fun!!!

And that is Petal Pop!!!  Oh I hope you love it every bit as much as I do ;)

And the second pattern is Trade Winds!!!!

Trade Winds was originally made in January of 2014 and I am so excited to finally be sharing it!!!  The reason it has been secret for so long is that it was originally created to be part of my new book, Irish Chain Quilts, hence the beautiful twist on the classic criss cross Irish Chain design made with the pinwheels.   But as the book started to get a little long Trade Winds had to "hit the cutting floor".  Which was totally okay because now, it can just become one of my new patterns!!!!

And the fun thing about it being a pattern is that it has size options!!  Trade Winds has 3 size options, a Baby, Picnic, and a Queen.  And of course, it is super Pre-cut friendly as it is mostly made with lots and lots of HST's!!  You know how I love em ;)

And I wanted to share some of the quilting detail of this, because it was the first time I ever tried ruler work.  (which I still need a lot of practice on ;)  These diamonds really were the perfect way to offset the Chain of the design, and I was super scared to quilt them, but I was super happy with how they turned out!!!  I used Superior Threads So Fine #50 in  402 Pearl for the quilting.  Yup, this was essentially the quilt that I found this favorite color!!!  It just blends so perfectly!!!  If you haven't given So Fine #50 thread a try yet, I would totally encourage you to give it a whirl.  It really is some fabulous thread!!!

The fabrics I used for Trade Winds are Kate Spain's Daydreams line for Moda.  I just love all of the beautiful colors and amazing prints!!! It is just a super fun quilt to use lots of happy bright colors that will pop!!!  And that is Trade Winds!!!

I am so excited to finally be sharing these 2 new patterns and quilts with you ;)  Both of these patterns are available in my Etsy Shop and are currently on sale for $5.00 for their opening debut ;)  They will remain on sale for a week and then go to my normal $8.50 pattern fee ;)

Thanks so much for stopping in today ;)  Have a Happy Quilting Weekend!!  It is Spring Break around here so I am off to the park with the kids ;)

So excited to finally be linking these finishes up to Sarah's and Amanda's :)
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  1. Love both patterns, the first one looks fantastic, love how you work with white background and quilting is great.

  2. Congrats on the two new patterns - love them both!! Excellent job as always!!

    As soon as I get to my laptop, I'm definitely gonna grab some Petal Pop!

    Have a great Easter!!

  3. Winners! Already went to Craftsy and bought Petal Pop. Can't wait to make it!

  4. Lovely patterns and splendid job! I love them both! So many quilts I want to make, so little time!

  5. These are so sweet-I've decided to make Trade Winds for my 1st grandbaby due in July! Thank you-I've been wondering which pattern would be best for the fabrics I have already picked out. I'd love to hear more about your ruler work-I've been reading about with great interest on several sites. Which machine, which foot, which rulers-and how much practice before you got these lovely results?

  6. Just purchased your Trade Winds pattern! I hope it's easy!

  7. Nice patterns! The colors are very cheerful...

  8. I just purchased Trade Winds. Love the pattern. Can you tell me what backgound fabric you've used?

  9. Two great patterns, and congrats on the quilting, it looks beautiful!

  10. These are beautiful patterns and quilts! I really love the Trade Winds!

  11. Whee! They are wonderful!
    Did you use the Pearl thread for quilting inside the pinwheels, too?
    And of course, I love Kate Spain fabrics!

  12. I love Petal Pop! Thank you so much for letting us know the fabric requirements for the different sizes. That's a pet peeve when I go to buy an online pattern and it just says "jelly roll friendly", and after i get it, i see it takes 2 jelly rolls, which i usually don't have. I quit buying pdf patterns that don't specify yardage before i buy. Anyway, i will buy this first thing in the morning. G'nite. Ooh, i just can't wait to start this!


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