Monday, February 2, 2015

Cedar Quilt Retreat

Starting Wednesday night and running through Saturday of this last week was the Cedar Chest Quilter's Guild 9th Annual Retreat!!  It was oh so much fun.  First up on Wednesday night was a Meet The Teacher and Show and Tell night.   This is where the teachers show the quilts that they will be teaching at the retreat and retreat participants can bring quilts that they took classes from in previous years and show them off.

I taught Summer Breeze and Starburst last year and these 2 ladies got theirs all finished up and they were just gorgeous!!!  So pretty!!

 And I taught Braided Irish Chain 2 years ago and this was one of the finishes from then.  Of course, not everyone can bring their quilts with limited packing space, but it sure is fun to get to see those little class beginnings turn into beautiful finished quilts!!!

Thursday Morning I had my first class.   This was a Petal Pop class.  (pattern coming to the blog soon) .   These ladies were so amazing!!!  They all worked so hard and just about everyone went home with a complete finished block, some even 2 ;)  Isn't it so fun to see how much a quilt changes up just by using different fabric ;)

Thursday Night I taught my Wonky Irish Chain class.  And as always, we had such a great time ;)  This is such a fun quilt to put together and everyone did fantastic!!!  There were lots and lots of block 1 finishes all around.  And they are just showing 1 but they made multiple Block 1's :)  Great job ladies!!!

Friday Morning was my last class and it was another Petal Pop class.  It was so popular it filled up in just 2 weeks, so they added a second class of it ;)    I just love teaching, everyone in my classes were so great.  It is just so fun to share time with people who are enthusiastic about quilting as you are ;)  And everyone did just amazing work!!!

I didn't know it, but Barbara snapped a few shots of me teaching when I wasn't paying attention ;)  Yup, I am just as goofy happy teaching as I am here on the blog ;)

Friday night was the All Night Sew and sadly, I forgot to take my Camera.   Nothing like sewing into the wee hours of the morning with 200 other women.  Oh, so much fun.   I did however take a picture of what I was doing majority of the time during all night sew.  Oh ya, just trimming away ;)

And Saturday morning it all came to a close and I spent the afternoon with the kids catching up on some Mom time ;)   All in all, an absolutely amazing weekend!!!  I know I say it every time, but I just love to teach quilting!!!!   If you are in the California Area, I will be teaching at the Glendale 
Quilt Retreat on March 13th.  I would love to see you there :)  I already am looking forward to it ;)

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  1. Love sewing until you just can't sew anymore at retreats. Even better if you can be all comfy in your PJ's while you do. Looking forward to an upcoming sewing weekend by the sea in March here too, can't wait!

  2. I hear that in your 'voice' the love you have for teaching. That is so great! Not everyone is a teacher and I so appreciate that you love doing this. I'd come along as your assistant to help with the trimming :)! Loved seeing all the different fabric combinations, each person put into their blocks. Each one is special!!

  3. Wow. Those first few quilts are gorgeous! Looks like a great time : )


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