Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bitty Bits Mini

For March, Fat Quarter Shop hosted a March Mini Challenge , and making Mini's is totally fun, so I decided why not join in on that fun ;)  I thought for a bit on what I wanted to make, and then it hit me, everyone makes mini's of their new quilt designs, right  . . .  so why not follow suit!!  And here it is, my Bitty Bits mini!!!

Bitty Bits is one of the  quilts in my new book Irish Chain Quilts (that comes out in just 6 weeks, squeal!!!)  The book quilt is done in all solids so I thought it would be fun to play with prints for this version.  I used up lots of my little grey "Candy pieces to make up this quilt and love all of the fun variety in it ;)

And when it came time to quilt it, I decided, since it was just a mini, to quilt it on my home machine ;)  I don't do a lot of quilting on the home machine since I got the long-arm, so it was fun to shake off a little of the rust.   I got back in the swing of it before to long and absolutely love the way it turned out!!

And I had so much fun with this mini, I have started another one.  I was so happy with how this one came together and thought it would be fun to share it at market.  Then I figured, why not share the different way you can change up this pattern with simply changing out color placement and using solids, prints, or a mix of them.   So there will be a few more Bitty Bits mini's in the making ;)

Isn't it just so fun to make mini's!!!  I love that you get such quick results and can really enjoy a good challenge because it is done on a smaller scale.   How about you . . . have you given Mini's a try??

P.S.  We had a lot of "extra" giveaway's here last week meaning not TTGD's.  Oh, so fun!!!   If you are wondering where the winners are they have been posted on the individual posts ;) Thanks and have a Happy Quilting Day ;)
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  1. Oh the quilting is just beautiful!! I'm still very new to fmq and was wondering if I can ask you a question on your quilting of the mini? Did you fmq the all the lines first then fill in with the paisleys or did you fmq a line or two then filled that section with paisleys then worked your way across, filling the quilt across with lines then paisleys? I hope this question makes sense.

  2. this is very pretty. I love the colors together. and your FMQ is perfect for this mini. I have not learned FMQ yet. doing a powerful amount of sewing for our sons wedding. the only minis I do really are placemats, I seem to have a thing for them, LOL

  3. I've recently pieced four minis using teeny, tiny hst. It's amazing how satisfying it is when those points line up and don't get cut off!

  4. That looks beautiful and your quilting is gorgeous on it too.

  5. Love the new quilt design! And the colors you used, too. You are zuch a half square triangle guru!

  6. Love it and love the quilting!

  7. It's beautiful Melissa! I've been really drawn to grey and yellow lately: it's so calming!

  8. What a cute mini!! Your quilting is beautiful. Gray and yellow is one of my favorite color pairs.
    I love making mini patterns, too.

  9. Bitty bits - Love that Mini! The fabric combinations and the quilting are terrific Melissa!


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