Saturday, March 19, 2016

Splendid Sampler Saturday :)

It's Saturday and it also just happens to be National Quilting Day!!!!   So fun ;)  And I am sad to say, I haven't gotten a chance to get to my sewing machine yet today . . .but that is going to change right after I finish this post.   I have a quilt on the long arm that is one row away from being done, and what better way to spend National Quilting Day then Quilting!!!

But . . . I managed to get my Splendid Sampler blocks done a little early so I still have them all ready to share for Splendid Sampler Saturday ;)   First up is the Local Quilt Shop block designed by Jane Davidson.  I had so much fun picking all of the blues for this block, and it really got me cleaning through my blue drawer because I randomly decided to do all Art Gallery fabrics.  I pretty much made it to the bottom of the drawer and then decided before putting it all back that it would be helpful to "organize" it a bit since my blue drawer was overflowing a bit ;)  So  I actually sorted the blues into stacks of Navy, Blue, Teal/Aqua and Light Blue.  I think it will really save time down the line when picking fabrics, and I just love how neat and tidy it looks now.   And it kind of caught on as I have now sorted the green drawer as well and have plans for the pink and red drawers :)

And next up is Iowa  designed by Sherri McConnell.  I really enjoyed putting this block together and it was nice to have a "fast" block after so many intricate ones.   And I just love the wonderful geometric nature of the design.  I think yellow is my hardest fabrics for really getting good contrast, as I don't have a lot of "dark yellow" scraps.   Guess I will see how it goes ;)

And those are this weeks Splendid Sampler blocks.  Looking forward to next Saturday!!!

And Happy National Quilting Day!!!!   Let's all Celebrate with a little Quilting Fun!!!
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  1. The yellow reminds me of an Iowa cornfield! I really like the "quilt shop".

  2. Your color choices are splendid! Congrats on organizing!

  3. Melissa, your blocks are sooo cute.
    Aaah I love both of them
    Happy Quilting day to you too

  4. They really are splendid blocks! I love the scrappy blues and yellows Melissa! You did achieve enough contrast I think.
    Scrap sorting could draw you in for days... the idea of drawers full of organized color is so fun though!

  5. Melissa, both blocks are beautiful - I love your fabric choices for each one. Samplers are my favorite, I think. (Kathy)


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