Wednesday, January 18, 2017

MQG Charity Quilt - Graffiti Quilting

I always love to participate in the MQG Charity Quilts.  And as an individual member, I have the opportunity to work with wonderful new quilters each year as we are rounded up in a region.  This year our Mountain West gals decided on wonky stars in alternating scale.  Aren't they just so fun!!!   And guess who got to do the quilting ;)   Yup, little ole me and I figured what would go better with it's wonky improv. goodness than some Graffiti Quilting!!!

This was my first time doing grafatti quilting and so it is fair to say I was a little nervous.  But the only way to learn is just jumping in and doing it right :)  The quilting was a ton of fun, but a challenge as well.   I think the hardest part was changing designs so much.  Each time I would have to stop for a second and decide what I wanted to quilt next.  Thank heavens for some awesome FMQ books in my little library that I could reference when my brain was fried :)

And I quickly realized that grafatti quilting is all about everything touching and "growing" out of the previous design.  This was a bit of a change from  the usual way I quilt all over as I don't tend to cross over of bounce off anything.   But I got the hang of it after a little bit and just love the way the designs transition into each other.

And ya, because of all of that, this thing is quilted like crazy dense ;)   I lost track of how many bobbins I had gone through.  My guess would be somewhere around 20.   So let's just say this quilt will be able to hold up to some serious love :)   

All in all, I am so super happy with the outcome!!!   It was something new, something that forced me out of my comfort zone and stretched me as a quilter.   And I am glad to say that I really feel like I learned a lot and finished up a pretty awesome quilt at the same time.

And once I had all of the background finished, I changed my thread out and quilted up the fun little stars ;)   You can't really see the quilting on the front, so here they are from the back.  Aren't they just so cute!!!

And speaking of the back, how cool is this pieced back!!!  And it really shows off some of the quilting which is pretty fun as well ;)

 And I have to say, my favorite thing about working on these MQG Charity Quilts is seeing how everyone can come together even across long distances.  This was such an awesome collaboration ;)    Everyone in our group, including Theresa, Christi, and Liz made stars and then Alissa pieced the top, Jane pieced the back, I did the quilting, Melanie is adding the binding, and then Naomi is putting on the label and quilt sleeve.  It just warms my heart to see how much love was put into this.

Oh, and just in case you are wondering, this fun quilt was named A Galaxy Far, Far Away  :)   Gotta love me some Star Wars!!!

I hope you are having a very Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. This is amazing and your quilting is gorgeous! This will definitely be loved!

  2. Oh, Melissa! Your quilting! This quilt is such a beauty. What charity will be the lucky recipient? Congratulations to all of you!

  3. Absolutely stunning! Both the quilt and the quilting!

  4. wow this is incredible. everyone did a fantastic job. your quilting is marvelous.

  5. That quilt is seriously awesome!

  6. This quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Love the team work that went into it too!

  7. That quilt is wonderful! So much space to explore that graffiti quilting! You did a great job. I love how it turned out.

  8. I will be looking for this at The Savannah Quiltcon. It is such a wonderful quilt and the quilting just seems to dance over the material. Great job ladies!

  9. It's a great quilt. Graffiti quilting is new to me, but how cool! Thanks for taking the time to show off that quilting.

  10. You had me with the wonky stars trailing across the quilt but the graffiti quilting is totally awesome!


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