Thursday, January 19, 2017

January Aurifil Designer BOM

I am so excited for the Aurifil Designer Block of the Month and I think the biggest reason is because I just love playing with rainbow blocks!!!   January is all about Blue and I just love Janet Clare's super fun Blue Block!!!  Frame blocks are so great :)

I had so much fun going through my scrap drawer and picking the perfect blues to go together.  It really is a lot of fun to play with the contrast all in one color.   And I used my lovely Aurifil threads for the beautiful blanket stitch around the applique.  I wanted a nice contrast on the applique so I used 50 wt Medium Deft Blue #2783 on the white petals and my go to 50 wt White #2024 on the navy petal.   I love how they just pop!!!

And you might have noticed by now that my center applique is not a cat as in the original pattern.  So ya, I am totally afraid of cats (and dogs for that matter :)   I know, silly right.  I am working on it but the long and the short of it is that they scare me.    So, rather than be reminded of my irrational fear every time I look at this quilt, I decided to change out the center applique.    And wouldn't you know it, I had these awesome Impressions Templates from Fat Quarter Shop's December Sew Sampler box that I have so wanting to try out.    And yup, they were awesome!!!

So that is my Aurifil January Block!!!  You can find the Janet's fantastic pattern for this block right over here and then be sure to pop over here to read Janet's interview.   She is such an amazing designer and it was so fun to get to read all about what inspires her designs!!!  

Looking forward to February where we will be playing with Blue Violet!!!  (I might have already started pulling fabrics I was so excited ;)  

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. I had no idea that it was possible to quilt without a cat! They are attracted to quilts like magnets. Hopefully, some day, you will meet a kitty that changes your mind. Love the block, the applique looks great. I'm an Aurifil fan, too.

  2. I'm another one who does not like cats and dogs. For fear of them and the hair! I could vomit thinking of animal hair!! Not sure why, my parents were from farming families. And I passed it down to my kids! Plus my hubbys allergic to cats. He gets all plugged up.

    1. So glad to hear that there are other people out there who don't like cats and dogs. Don't want them jumping on to me, scratching me...thanks! Wish my family felt like me but am lucky that I had charge of whether we had animals or not. Now that they are out of the house they can have whatever they want.

  3. I'm scared of dogs too. I follow lots of dogs in instagram though, in theory I love them, in reality, not so much!

  4. I love cats and dogs but hate snakes and spiders so I wouldn't want either of them on a quilt of mine (or any quilt, for that matter)! We all have different phobias.

  5. I am like KMSC, I absolutely love dogs and cats, but spiders terrify me, so I would never add one to a quilt, everyone is different! I like you block, Melissa!


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