Friday, March 17, 2017

Luck of the Irish!!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!!   Are you all wearing your Green????

So if you have been following my blog for a bit, you know that the quilt that my family is sitting on in this picture is a pretty special one.   This was the first quilt my mother made, and she learned to quilt so she could make me something to treasure for my wedding.   Fast forward 20 years and my mother taught me to quilt as well, starting of love of all things piecing.  Hence, it became the inspiration behind my book, Irish Chain Quilts.    And it's Green!!!

So yesterday, as I was stitching away at my sewing machine, I looked up to see my Moda Calandar and this gorgeous Luck of the Irish Quilt, which just so happens to be a Double Irish Chain, just like the one my mom made me 17 years ago.  And it just hit me, I should make one!!!!   And then I realized, I  have this gorgeous Greenery Pantone 2017 Color of the Year Bundle from the lovely folks at Fat Quarter Shop that will be absolutely perfect for a super fun scrappy version!!!   I mean, how perfect is this!!!    What better day to start an Irish Chain Quilt than St. Patrick's Day, and a green one  in the year of Greenery Color of the Year . . . It seems like it was just meant to be!!!  

So I am pulling this bundle out today and pressing and hopefully getting it cut up as well.  I am super excited to start this new project and I am looking forward to reminiscing on the time I spent with my mom while she made the original  quilt while I work on this new one :)

And it really is a great day to start and Irish Chain Quilt.   I have several Free Tutorials for versions of Irish Chain Quilts right here on the blog.  If you are looking for a more Traditional Irish Chain Quilt, I have the Scrappy Single Irish Chain as well as the Scrappy Triple Irish Chain.   And if you want a little twist there is my I Spy Quilt, that has a fun Chain running throughout, or the Bonnie Rose Quilt that has a single chain and fun snowball blocks that let you highlight favorite prints.  



And of course, you can find lots and lots of Irish Chain Quilt ideas and inspiration in my book.  If you have my book already I am sure you have flipped through it and bookmarked a quilt or two.   Well . . . 

What do you say???   Maybe you just might want to start an Irish Chain Quilt with me today???  What better way to bring you the Luck of the Irish!!!! 

I hope you have a very Happy (and Lucky) Quilting Weekend!!!

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  1. Those greens will look fabulous in an Irish Chain quilt. The stars aligned and it sounds like it was meant to be. :)

  2. I'm glad I checked this out. I saved your Scrappy Single Irish Chain so I can make it in the future. Happy St Patrick's Day to you and your family!

  3. I'm ordering the green of the year! Will it be enough material? (Your Scrappy Single doesn't state yardage.)I'll be Irish Chain-Ing along with you. Thank you for explaining leaders/enders to me! -Jean

    1. You would need 10 fat quarters for the single scrappy Irish Chain, so the package should be great :)

  4. Happy St Patrick's Day to you and your family! Your new quilt will be beautiful.Have fun playing with your greenery fabrics!!

  5. Beautiful green fabrics for this special day and quilt.

  6. Your post was meant to be for me. I have been looking for just the right quilt pattern to make for my daughter. We are partly Irish as is her "future" fiance. She asked for a graphic quilt in warm, earth tones. Now I know exactly what to make. Thank you so much. I look forward to watching your new quilt grow.

  7. I LOVE that Super Scrappy Irish Chain pattern. Such a happy quilt. I couldn't decide on the lay out so I made both, one is now being FMQ. I'm on my #3 which is now my leaders and enders project. Thank you so much again for the pattern <3

  8. I do have your book. I love it.
    I love this picture of you and your family The green is beautiful, I am looking forward to your epic spectacular finish

  9. Gorgeous family photo and your children are growing up sew quickly...

  10. OMG you have 5 children - how lucky are you- and still get time to sew and design quilts- oops looks like my daughter has been visiting


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