Monday, August 7, 2017

Almost Here!!! - Quilt Fest 2017

It's August now so that means the Utah Quilt Fest is just a little over a month away now!!!  I am so super excited!!!!   This is my second year teaching at this amazing event and after last year's amazing experience I am counting down the days to return again this year.  

I am teaching three classes this year starting with my End of the Rainbow in the afternoon on Wednesday, Sept 20th.   This quilt has such a special place in my heart and I am so excited to get to teach it at this awesome event.   It is such a fantastic scrap buster and can also double as a special memory quilt, which it does for me.  There is a scrap of fabric from every quilt I had ever made up to the point of making this quilt found somewhere in that rainbow goodness.   I can't wait to see what special memories are tied into my classes quilts ;)

And then that evening I am teaching my In Your Neighborhood class.   I just love teaching this class.  The design is so fresh and modern and even though it looks a little complex, it really goes together much easier than you think it would.  Kind of like building pieces of log cabins and then all of the sudden, you have an entire neighborhood ;)  I am so looking forward to this class, it is always a super fun one!!!!

And finally, on Thursday morning I am teaching my Moroccan Lullaby class.   This will be the second time I have taught this particular class and I can't wait because last time everyone just loved it!!!   I love the big blocks because people can really get a lot done in class, and there are a few little secrets we go over to get those perfect points every time, even with those small strips.  And I just love seeing the different fabrics people choose for this quilt, especially when someone uses a darker background, wow do they just pop!!!!

And the fun thing is . . . I still have a few spaces left in all three of my classes.   So if you are in the Utah area or want to take a nice trip to Utah in beautiful fall, you might want to consider checking out the Utah Quilt Fest.   It really is such a wonderfully fun time of quilting goodness!!!   And if you come, consider popping into one of my classes, I would love to see ya there!!!!

Happy Quilting!!!!

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  1. I wish I was closer to come take a class.

  2. You are a great artist, Melissa. It is a pitty that I cannot come to your class. Kisses from Greece, my friend.

  3. Wonderful array of class options! Have a fun time.

  4. Oh, if I lived nearby, I'd be there!

  5. Love your middle quilt there. It is so modern and colorful, perfect for this Mid Century Mod Girl!

  6. Do you ever come to QuiltFest Jacksonville FL? I'd love to take a class.

    1. I have never been asked to come to FL but it sure sounds like fun ;)

  7. I got excited when I saw the words Quilt Fest in your blog post. But alas it's not the Jacksonville FL one. Enjoy.


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