Friday, August 4, 2017

Mini Improv Spools

So this month in our Bees Knees group, Kimberly asked us each to make an Improv Paper Pieced Spool block (based on Konda Luckau's tutorial here ) for her.   And well, the block  just so happened to morph into an adorably  cute mini as well!!!   How fun is that :)   Here's how it happened.

It basically can be summed up by the statement that Kimberly Walus is a sweetheart!!!  Along with asking us to make a block, she sent an additional package of print strips so that we could make our own Improv Spool Mini.   How sweet is that!!!!   So I grabbed my Add a Quarter Ruler and just made both blocks at the same time which was nice for the paper piecing because I could do it more assembly line style ;)

Before you knew it, I had Kimberly's block all done.  Isn't it just so cute!!!  I love that low volume purple heart background she sent ;)    And the awesome thing was,  my block followed along with Kimberly's and so it was all ready to be quilted and bound into a mini.  

And I am just thrilled with how it turned out!!!!   I am so glad I just went right from block finish to mini finish.  I tell you, sometimes you just really need the joy of a fast finish and this just had me smiling all morning.   And I even found a piece of leftover binding that was the perfect length for the mini (about 2" to spare :) and  that was the exact fabric I picked for the spool tops earlier.  How perfect was that!!!  

I quilted the mini with a scallop stitch using my walking foot.   I just marked the sides at 1/2" and stitched in horizontal lines.   I just love the added texture and I think the design really matches the mini well.  And I have to say, how perfect was that Stitch fabric from Sweetwater for the background.   It just made me smile ;)  

And now my little Improv Spool Mini has joined the other purple mini's on my wall.   I just love to see this collection continue to grow.   And I especially love that each one reminds me of a special story and even more so, a special someone ;)

Thanks Again Kimberly!!!  And another happy bonus, my bee block is done and it is only August 4th!!!  That just might be a new record :)

I hope you have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!! 
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  1. What an adorable block! I really love purple too and the sewing related theme.

  2. I love your mini and your purple mini wall is awesome. I made a purple pineapple mini using the Jackie Padesky pattern and I think your wall needs one!

  3. I love your spool blocks and seeing the great designs on your mini wall grow. I second the purple pineapple notion!

  4. "Purple!" I exclaimed when I saw the last photo.
    I am jealous of all your pretty purple minis! :) <3
    I will try that spool paper-pieced pattern. Thanks for sharing it and inspiring me!

  5. The Improv Spool Mini was meant to be! All of the elements lined up to be the newest addition to your mini wall! I'm a purple lover and am a bit jealous of your minis. Don't you just love a quick project like this that makes your creative side so happy!

  6. Lovely, it makes me want to make one or two too. x

  7. One block for her and a mini for you. Awesome!! I'm loving that wall of purple mini quilts. Great way to decorate your seating space!!

  8. What a sweet post and your purple mini Spool quilt turned out perfect. I love the border fabric you picked as well as the black fabric for the binding and Spool ends!! It looks right at home on your wall of mini quilts!! ❤️

  9. Your mini wall looks great! Purple must be your color! I love this spool block. Might have to go on my 'list'!


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