Friday, January 26, 2018

It's Finished And It's So Cute!!!!

EEekk, I am so excited!!!    I finished my Tuffet and I just love it :)   I have been sharing my Tuffet Progress over the last few weeks here, here, and here.   You could totally make one of these in a day, but I have loved having it as a fun little project to work on when I have a few minutes here and there.  And now that it is all done, I just can't get over how cute it is!!!

I think my favorite part is looking at it from the top :)   I just love seeing all of those adorable fabrics come together into a tight gathered center.  And the polka-dot button center, so cute!!!  This is the 8" Tuffet I made with this Tuffet Kit, and I had so much fun with it, it really has me wanting to make one of the big ones!!!

From the last time I shared my progress, all I had left to finish was the bottom.  I painted the legs in a happy red, and then added the same red polka-dot print to cover the base.  You stable the cover on, and then add a little decorative trim to cover the staples.  I was planning on adding red ric-rac, but when I went to my trim bag I realized I was all out.   But I saw this little gold trim and thought it would make a fun little pop of surprise on the bottom.

And I have to say, my daughter's are already trying to claim my Tuffet for their 18" dolls.  It makes a perfect sized seat for them.   But I told them sorry, I will have to do another Tuffet Kit for their dolls because . . .

This Tuffet is all about being a giant pincushion!!!!   I plan to keep it at the quilt house to sit on the table of 4 sewing machines.  How cute will it be centered between them all and make for a perfectly adorable pin storage for everyone :)

I am so glad I decided to treat myself with this little Christmas Present ;)  I really have had so much fun making this up and I am just thrilled with the way it all came together!!!     I can  see myself getting one for Christmas for many years, well at least 3 since I have 3 girls that really want their own now :)   And thanks for following along with me as I put this little Tuffet together ;)

I hope you have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!! 

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  1. This is so darling! I love the idea of it as a huge pin cushion!

  2. Your tuffet is adorable!! Such eye candy with all the fun colors! Those red feet are to die for!! I made one of the big tuffets about 3 years ago and I do love it but have no desire to make another one that size! I have the kit for the small pincushion and you have convinced me to make it!!! Can't wait!!!

  3. So cute! A small seat for a doll and a giant pincushion, that made me giggle! Beautiful finish!

  4. I want to make a large one, but where in the world would I put it? LOL I could make a boy one and let Carrie worry about that......hmmmmmm.

  5. So fun! It's beautiful, and I want to make a really big one for myself.

  6. I like this tuffet. I think the red feet are so cute too.

  7. Congratulations - it looks fabulous!!!

  8. Super cute, I have it on my list to do some day. Love your fabrics also.

  9. Super dooper cute! I have wanted to make one for a long while now. This is increasing the itch!


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