Monday, December 18, 2017

Last Minute Christmas Gift for Me

I have so been wanting to make a Tuffet!!!   I see them in all the quilt shops, and I just adore them!!!  Have you seen these??  They are just to cute and the possibilities are endless (seriously, google Tuffet :) My plan was to take a class at the Utah Quilt Guild Retreat, and make a big, lovely Tuffet, but the Tuffet class always seems to be at the same time as the class that I am teaching.  This has happened for the last two years and I just can't wait another year so . . . I decided to treat myself to a little Last Minute Christmas gift ;) 

I figured it would be best to start with a Mini Tuffet and lucky for me, Fat Quarter Shop has a Mini Tuffet Kit and all I have to do is add the fabric.   I can't wait to start putting this together!!!!  So excited!!!!   And hey, if all goes well,  then I can move onto the big Tuffet for my birthday next year, or who knows, maybe my class times will actually line up and I can take the class for the big one, time will tell  ;) 

So has anyone made a Tuffet before???  Any tips I should know before I get started???  

 I will be sure and share pictures on my social media of my Tuffet making experience, just in case you are like me and have wanted to make one of these for years as well ;)    Now I just have to decide what fabric to use, endless possibilities!!!!!   
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  1. I've seen those and have been tempted to make one, but haven't, so don't have any tips for you. Good luck with yours!

  2. I made 3 of the mini's for gifts last year and finally made a big one this year. The mini's are a good way to start. There are lots of videos on YouTube for making the big ones. They are easy and fun to do.

  3. Oh this tuffet is so cute. I would make one for my AG dolls. How nice
    Now I want one too

  4. Hey Melissa! I made the large tuffet in a class a couple of years ago. A class is definitely the way to go with that project! I purchased the mini tuffet kit a while back but haven't made it yet! You have inspired me to pull it out and get it done for a fun pin cushion!! Good luck with yours!!!

  5. No tuffet making experience here. If my recollection of the rhyme is right, you do need to be wary of any spiders that sit down 'beside her'. ;-) Have fun!


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