Monday, July 1, 2019

Fave Quilts Spotlight

So, have you heard of FaveQuilts??  It is an absolutely wonderful resource.  I like to think of FaveQuilts as an amazing ( and huge) Quilting Library ;)  It is just like going to the library and looking for a good book, only this time, you are looking for the perfect tutorial or free pattern.    And today, they are featuring my patterns and that just is all kinds of sweet of them!!!

You can use the Categories on the left hand side of the main page to help you narrow your search.  And just like the library, you can search by type of quilt, size of quilt, designer of quilt (Yup, I have a designer profile there too ;)  and the list goes on.  Then when you find the quilt you like, Fave Quilts provides the link of where you can go directly to the creates site and find the project!!  I love that they send you to the creators site, it has helped me to discover some amazing new blogging friends!!!

And Fave Quilts is always posting articles that help you find awesome projects all grouped together by what type of projects they are.   For example, you can Pop Over Here to see an article on 24 Fat Quarter Quilts,  (and if you are like me, you have Fat Quarters stashed that could really use some Fat Quarter friendly tutorials ;)  Or over here is an article on 13 Wedding Quilt Patterns.  And some even have basic quilting info, like this one on What Size is a Lap Quilt and then several Lap Quilt Patterns attached.     And my Crossroads Quilt just might be featured in that article!!! 

So here is a shout out to FaveQuilts!!  I so appreciate them spotlighting me today ;)  So, if you haven't checked them out before, you might want to just pop on over for a visit ;)  They have a little post here on how to get the most out of the sight, just FYI.   So enjoy the eye candy cause there is enough there to see for hours and it might just make  your "to make someday" list grow in spades ;)  Have fun!!!

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  1. I like looking on Fave quilts. Congratulations on getting featured.

  2. Congratulations on being featured Melissa!


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