Friday, June 28, 2019

Moda Love Quilt Finish x 2!!!

So clear back in March, I shared that I was joining in the Moda Love Sew Along and making two Moda Love Quilts.    I actually had these quilted and bound at the beginning of May, and they have just been sitting waiting for me to take pictures of them.   Why is life so crazy after school gets out?? (and yes, I know the answer to that, I just am constantly blown away by it ;)   So without further ado, here are my Moda Love Quilt finishes!!! 

Ever since the Moda Love Pattern was first released I wanted to make one and I am so glad I made not one but 2!!!  This pattern is so much fun to make.   I think it will quickly become one of those "go to" patterns when you need a quilt fast.   This size is made with a  Layer Cake and it finishes at 72" square.   Perfect for those quick wedding or graduation gifts ;)

I made the first quilt Red, White, and Black so that I can donate it to my Alma Mater's :)   I have to say, I am so glad SUU's colors are Red, White, and Black.  It makes it so much easier to make lots of quilts in that classic color scheme!!     This quilt used fabrics from  Shades of Black by Me and My Sister Designs from 2013 (yes, It had been stashed for a little bit :)  as well as pieces from Authentic Ect. by Sweetwater .

And the second quilt essentially came to be because I had a few Green Squares, Solid White Squares,  and Grey Squares left over from those two lines.  You only need 1 Layer Cake per quilt, and I basically used half of each of the two lines to keep the color scheme.   I didn't want those leftovers to end up in the scrap buckets so 2 Moda Love Quilts it is.    And I just love it!!!!

When it came time to quilt them, I decided on all over  Loose Feathers for the first Moda Love.   This is really becoming a favorite design to quilt and I can't believe how I was so nervous to try it.   It is just so fun and relaxing to quilt.  Just goes to show, practice, practice, practice!    I used a red thread and I love how it just pops on that white star!!  So fun :) 

And for the second Moda Love quilt, I played with some wavy lines.   Which means I got some exercise in because you are basically walking back and forth across the long arm for each line of stitching.   I used 4 colors of thread, grey, white, black, and lime green and alternated them in the rows.  I love the way it adds so much movement and depth to the quilt. 

And those are my Moda Love x 2 quilts!!!  I really did have so much fun making these quilts and am happy that both will be given away super soon ;)   And I know this little  Moda Love Pattern will be pulled out again in the future.   It is such a fun and fast design and I just love it!!!

And if you want to try out the Moda Love Pattern and join in the Sew Along, you can download it for free right here.    The Pattern has 3 sets of instructions.   So you can make a big 72" square one like me using Layer Cakes, or make a 32" quilt using Charm Packs, or even a cute little mini finishing at 12" using Mini Charm Packs.   I want to make a Charm Pack one next, because we all know I have tons of those stacked up and all it needs is a border to be a perfect size for a new little baby :)

Thanks for popping in today and each and every day.   I am so very grateful that I have this little corner of the internet to share my love of quilting and all of you amazing friends to come along for the ride!!

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!!
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  1. These are beautiful!
    When I click on the Moda Love pattern link, I get a security risk page. I searched and found the download.

  2. So pretty! I made 6 of these for my nieces and nephews. I wanted a pattern that was the same, but I could change up the fabric placement to make them look different. I made the layer cake size which is perfect for TV/couch quilts.

    Sandy A

  3. Very nice quilts! I can't wait to try this pattern, I have two layer cakes and now I just have to decide which to use, thanks!

  4. Love your quilts! And you have inspired me to get that pattern and get on it! I need a quick finish right about now! :-) I love that wavy line quilting: it looks like something I could tackle on my home machine, and since that is what I have to work on, I'm always looking for things that look simple enough! Have a great weekend!! Hugs, H

  5. Oh they are beautiful. I agree about the feathers, they are fun. Great idea about the baby quilt too.

  6. Such a fun and quick pattern. And so many different fabric choices makes each one unique. Thanks for sharing the finishes!


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