Sunday, November 3, 2019

A Cut Above the Rest Mini!!!

Fat Quarter Shop is hosting a fantastic Remix, and  it's all about their  Sew Solids Projects!!!   I have made both the Panda Sew Solid Mini and the Nail Polish Sew Solid Mini.   I love playing with Solid Fabrics and so I was so super excited about this newest Sew Solid Mini pattern being released to celebrate the Remix :)    It is called A Cut Above the Rest and isn't it just the coolest!!!!    And you know, my mini had to be purple!!!

This A Cut Above the Rest mini was so much fun to make!!! It took maybe two hours from the start of cutting to the binding finish, and it turned out oh so cute!!!    If you wanted to make the traditional aqua rotary cutter, there is  A Cut Above the Rest Mini Kit  but of course, there are lots of colors to choose from.    (And yes, I do realize that I have about every color of actual rotary cutters but the purple one, something I need to remedy :)     But regardless of what color solid you choose to make your Rotary Cutter, you totally want to download the pattern and whip one of these up for your sewing room!!!   They are just so great :) 

When it came time to quilt mine, I decided on just some simple straight lines in a beautiful variegated purple ;)  It reminds me of the cutting lines I make with my rotary cutter so it just fit ;)  And I quilted it on my home machine which was fun, as I haven't done that in a little while!

And wouldn't you know it, I had the perfect space on my mini wall for it.   Seriously, it could not have fit more perfectly :)     And it just makes me smile every time I see :)  I mean, how can you not love a Rotary Cutter Mini in a sewing room, to perfect!!!

 So be sure to pop on over to the Fat Quarter Shop and check out the Sew Solids Remix!!  Whether you decide to make your own A Cut Above the Rest Mini or try our a different Sew Solid Remix pattern, you are sure to have some fun playing with Solid Fabrics!!!   They are always a great way to mix things up and truly get back to the basics of playing with colors :)

Thanks for popping in today and sharing this finish with me!!

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!!

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  1. Love this pattern and your mini display...can you guide me to your spool mini quilt? They are great together!

    1. Ahh, thanks Patti ;) You can find the post on the Mini Spool quilt here

  2. How do you hang these on your wall?

  3. Your mini design wall is so super cute! Thank you for the reminder of this mini - I need to make one for my sewing room :)!

  4. When I saw the purple Cut Above the Rest on the Jolly Jabber, I knew it had to be yours!!


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