Monday, June 22, 2015

Po The Panda

So did you see the adorable new Sew Solid Quilt from Fat Quarter Shop???  The pattern is called Panda-Monium (which you can download for free right here)  and it is the next mini in the Sew Solids Series that Fat Quarter Shop is putting on!!!   Isn't he just absolutely adorable!!!!

Of course, I had to do mine with a purple background so he would match with my purple wall of mini's ;)  This little mini goes together super fast and is so much fun to make!!  

And Kimberly made it even easier to put this little guy together with her fantastic video tutorial!!!  She will walk you through each step of the way, so fantastic!!!!

When it came time to quilt mine, I decided that I just loved the cross-hatching that Kimberly did on the original quilt, so I copied it.   I used a disappearing marker to draw the lines 2" apart and then quilted on the lines using a soft grey.  

And before you know it, I had an adorable Panda-Monium Mini!!!  My kids have decided to call him Po, from Kung Fu Panda and I figured Po the Panda sounded good so the name is stuck ;) 

Now the kids say I need to make another one with a bow in her hair so we can have a boy and a girl panda. Add it to the list ;)   

Wishing you a Happy Quilting Day!!!!

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