Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Labor Day Sewing!!

We spent Labor Day weekend at the Cabin  and had a wonderful time at the mountain with family!!   And while my husband was teaching the kids how to chop wood for the winter, I got to sew (the only time it is good to have a sore back :)  I had planned out my Color in the Lines Remake from Charming Baby Quilts, but hap been putting off starting it as I wanted to make it scrappy but wasn't quite up to digging through all my scraps. (I have a lot of scraps!!)    I should have just jumped in, because I didn't even have to cut a lot!!!   I had so many charm squares, jolly bars, and layer cake pieces in there it only took a little bit to have 160 rainbow charms all stacked up :) 

And from there, it only two a few more minutes to cut them into the sizes I needed for Color in the Lines.   Don't those rainbow stacks just look so fun!!!  I have to admit, it was a little hard to mix them all up so I could sew them all together into rows :)

But once I got to mixing, they sure sewed together quick.   I just love the fun rainbow goodness in this.   I plan to use a nice charcoal solid sashing that I think is going to set all of these happy colors off just nicely.   It is going to finish as a twin, so I figured a darker color background will help it last longer on a bed ;)  

And I couldn't help but snap this last picture.  I stacked up all the rows to take them back home to press and I just thought they looked so fun all stacked up.   That stack shows a whole lot of happy quilting at the cabin :)   Now just to get these pressed and the quilt top finished up!!!

And super exciting, this is my last Charming Baby Remake quilt top to make.   I worked on some backings yesterday, so now it is time to do some marathon quilting as I have 10 of these to quilt up :)   It should be super fun and then I will start to share the Charming Baby Remake alterations soon!!

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!

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