Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Charming Baby Quilts - 3 more Remix's Started!!!

You might recall when I shared these Charming Baby Quilts Remix's.  Well, I have a two more to add to the "Mix" today that I started working on yesterday :)  Well on my way to having all 10 Charming Baby Quilts redesigned in  EQ8  and remade!!!

I only have To the Moon, On the Move left to Remix.   So let me share the 3 new remix's for today ;) 

 Shine Bright - Original

 Shine Bright - Remix
The original version of Shine Bright, is just that, super bright!!!   So I thought it would be fun to see what it looks like in a softer palette ;)  I am going to use Poppie Cotton's new Woodland Songbirds that will be released later this year along with a Country Confetti background in white.  Isn't that just so pretty!!!  And by making an additional 11 blocks, this quilt will be Twin Sized at 74" x 92", perfect for a bed of someone special ;)     

Twinkle Twinkle - Original

Twinkle Twinkle - Remix
 I am so super excited about this Remix!!!   Twinkle Twinkle is getting up-sized to using Layer Cake Squares instead of Charm Pack Squares and having a Panel piece for the center of the stars!!!  So great!!! It is made just like the original, only bigger!!!!   It is a perfect picnic size at 72" x 72"  ;)   I am using  2 Apricot and Ash Layer Cakes, the Grey Apricot and Ash Panel, and the Grey Small Plus Apricot and Ash Yardage for the Accent fabric.   These fabrics are set to be released in August and I am hoping to have this done at about the same time!!!! 

Color in the Lines - Original

Color in the Lines - Remix
So I knew from the start of these Remix's that I needed to make a quilt that was all scrappy!!!  And Color in the Lines is just perfect for that :)  So I am going through my scrap drawers and cutting up lots of fun Charm Squares for this one!!!  So exciting.   The quilt will be getting a Times 4 action again making it a fantastic twin size at 73" x 86".  And I am just so excited to be digging into my scrap bins!!!  I will be using 160 Charm Squares, so this is going to be a great scrap buster!!! 


So ya . . . that now makes 8 new Charming Baby Quilts Remix's with only 2 more left ;)  .  You will need a copy of Charming Baby Quilts to make the remix's but I will share the alterations needed for these new sizes when I finish the quilts :)   And I will also add them to the Charming Baby Quilts, All the Quilts, All the Details page to make it easy to find them ;)   

And fun side note for all my readers . . . right now you can use the promo code EQ8MELISSA for 20% off all EQ products.  I just love that I can easily and quickly recreate my quilts with fun twists and see just what they are going to look like when I am all done ;)   This promo code will only last for 1 more week, so if you have been dreaming of sketching your quilts in this amazing program, now is the time ;)   


I am off to stitch, and maybe even work on those last two remix designs ;) 

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!
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