Thursday, February 25, 2021

Quilty Friends Winter Retreat!!

 I am just so happy that I got to teach again!!  The Quilty Friends Retreat was just amazing!!!  I had so much fun getting to hang out with quilty friends again :)    Barbara and I just enjoyed every minute of it.   And I know, not everyone is able to gather again, and I am sorry.   We had to follow quite a lot of guidelines in order to be allowed to meet.   Masks, Social Distancing, and lots and lots of Sanitation.   You were allowed to take off (if you desired) your masks at your designated socially distanced sewing space, and that was nice.   But we did miss a lot of friends as in order to maintain that social distancing, the attendees of the retreat was cut in half.   But all in all, so amazing, and so glad everyone worked together so that we could meet and sew!!!  

I taught 3 classes at the retreat.   The first class I taught was my Wishes Pattern!!   This was my first time teaching this new pattern and everyone did such a great job!!!   I just loved seeing everyone's blocks come together and the class was super fun as there are lots of technique in this block including no waste Lattice Blocks that I just love ;)    We had some fun background fabrics as well, that are so going to pop!!

The second class I taught was another Wishes Class!!   Yup, the first one filled up so fast, I got to teach a second class of it.   And again, just so fun!!!  Everyone in class just did amazing and I loved seeing all the variety of fabrics.  You know I leave every class wanting to remake the quilt in another 5 fabric variations :)
And can you believe it . . . we even had a quilt top finish before the end of retreat!!!  How adorable is this baby size Wishes Quilt, so precious.   And can you believe it, this is the third quilt she has made, as in, total beginner.  (I never would have guessed that in class, she was so great!!)    So amazing!!!  

The next day I taught my  Scraptastic Stars  class.   And oh my, was this a super fun class!!!   I always love playing with scraps and so to get to teach an all scrappy class was just so much fun!!!  I tried to convince my class that they could each give me there block and I would have a quilt already, the decided to hand on to their blocks, tee hee hee.     I just loved seeing each of these blocks come together in all of their scrappy goodness.   (And yes, we did note two of the chains were faced the wrong direction and got them fixed before the end of class ;)  

And my favorite part of this class . . .  We did a Square Swap!!!   I brought lots and lots of 2 1/2" squares, lots and lots of scraps along with my AccuQuilt GO! and 2 1/2" square die for easy cutting, and it was just scrappy awesomeness.  Others from class brought extra squares as well and it was so fun to see everyone sorting through the piles of scraps looking for just the right colors for their blocks.   I am so doing this with every Scraptastic Stars Class, and how cool will it be when the squares from one class are used in another and they just keep moving around.  I just love swaps because your quilt is made from so many Happy Quilters scraps ;)  

And when classes were all done, I got all set-up and did my Charming Baby Quilts Trunk Show Friday evening!!  And oh, this was so much fun!!!  I got to share my 10 quilts from Charming Baby Quilts along with the 10 Remix's and the Charming Baby Sampler.   I just love getting to share the stories behind my quilts, from their designs, to picking fabric, to why I quilted them a certain way.  It was just so great and now everyone has lots more "go-to" baby quilts :)

And now, I get to look forward to the Quilty Friends Spring Retreat next week!!!  Yup, remember when I said the attendance was split in half for social distancing . . . well, the other half are next week and I can't wait :)   It is going to be oh so much fun!!!

Oh, and one last picture.   Several of you requested to see Barbara's Posh Penolope quilt from class last year after I shared my Posh Penolope Mini a bit ago.   Well, here we are.  Barbara and her amazing Queen Size Fall Stunner, and me and my Purple one block mini.   Trust me, this got a lot of laughs when we shared them together ;)

And that was the Winter Retreat, and I am just so happy to have been able to attend and can't wait for the Spring Retreat next week.  More to share soon ;)

Happy Quilting!!
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  1. Love the variety in the Wishes Quilt block! The different backgrounds are amazing! Love the block swap idea too! Glad you could teach again! Hopefully we will be getting back to normal soon!


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