Monday, March 1, 2021

It's March!!!

Oh my goodness, where did February go???  Ready or not, it's March.   And there are a few things to be super excited about for March . . .

 First of that being the Instagram Quilt Fest!!!   This is hosted by Amy Ellis (@amyscreativeside) and has been an annual March thing for as long as I can remember.   It's all about a daily prompt to share and it is a wonderful way to meet new quilting friends, be inspired by quilty goodness, and  learn lots of quilting tidbits.   If you have never joined it, this is a great year to start :) 

And second, the Serendipity Quilt Along starts this month!!!  It was originally slated to start today, but the start date is being pushed back to March 15th to allow more time for shipping of fabrics .  But that just means you have 15 more days to get all your supplies together to be ready for the First Release on the 15th!!  I am using Happy Days by Sherri and Chelsi ;)  I am so excited for this awesome Quilt Along, especially as it benefits such a great cause ;)

And finally, the reason I am so super excited for March . . . It's just so great to see the Sunshine again ;)  This morning I sat on the couch in my living room and just enjoyed the sun steaming in through my bay window.   

So bring on March!!!

Here is to a Happy Quilting March Day ;)

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