Monday, February 22, 2021

Timberland Mountain Lullaby Quilt!!

 So you all might recall, one of my new favorite places to sew is at Barbara and Bob's cabin.   It is just so incredible peaceful and the last time I was there, I was thinking the beds needed some more "mountain-ish" quilts.   I mean, of course every bed has a homemade quilt on it, but most of them are a little more "girly".   So when I saw the new Timberland Line from Riley Blake Designs, I knew it was just perfect for the Cabin!!!   And wouldn't you agree, isn't this new Timberland Mountain Lullaby quilt just a perfect Cabin Quilt ;)  

I mean, how can it not be perfect with these prints from Timberland!!!   Mountains, Trees, Forest Animals, Fur, and Tracks . . . and all in beautiful neutral tones!!!  It is just gorgeous :) 

And I knew just the perfect pattern for these prints!!!   What better design to showcase large amazing prints and a special pop fabric then my Moroccan Lullaby Pattern with a twist ;)   I always wondered what this Happy Quilting Pattern would look like with a print in the center of the blocks instead of the background . . .  Well now I know, and the answer is stunning!!!   It looks like a totally different design and I just love it ;)     In fact, I loved it so much, I even made sure all my directions for the corner points lined up, and that is huge for me as I never worry about directional fabric!!!   But it gave it the perfect finish.  

Well, that and the amazing pop of that gold fabric!!!   I knew it would just be perfect for the crosshatching and add in the beautiful Shades Asphalt Outline and Shades Burlap Background, and well, it just makes my smile!!!   I don't think there could be a more perfect quilt for the cabin.   And I got the best compliment this morning when my 18 year old son asked " Can that quilt go on the bed I sleep in at the cabin, it is awesome!!"  Yup, you better believe I said Absolutely!!! 

I even kept with the cabin theme when I quilted it as I did an all over woodgrain design.   I haven't quilted this design in a long time and I forgot how much fun it was!!!  I also loved how fast the Infinity quilted and how well it handled the back and forth of the design.  Sure love that new machine.  I quilted it with a gold thread and love how it pops on the blacks and greys ;)  So fun!!!  

And I just love how this dense quilting design makes for some incredible texture.   Doesn't that just make you want to snuggle right up in this quilt :)  And believe me, we were up at the cabin recently, and snuggling up in quilts in front of the fireplace is just so great after playing outside in the snow ;)   

I am just so happy with how this quilt turned out!!  I can's wait to take it up to it's new home at the cabin.   And now I am totally on the lookout for more "cabin" fabric so I can make all the Mountain Quilts!!!

Thanks for popping in today and sharing this new finish with me.   

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!!  

Oh, and side note . . . I am wondering and would love your opinion.  Obviously, I made quite a few alterations to the Moroccan Lullaby pattern with fabric placement and borders and it totally changes the look of the pattern.   And of course, that meant quilty math (which you all know I love :)   But I am wondering if you love it as well . . .  Is that something you all would do with your own Morrocan Lullaby pattern, or would you rather just have me work on a Morrocan Lullaby 2 pattern with these changes??   Just wondering if it would be worth the cost to you??   Thanks for your help :)  

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  1. This is a wonderful change and would make great "guy" quilt. I'd be willing to pay for the new pattern since yardages and placement of colors/backgrounds would change quite a bit.

  2. I vote for a new second pattern. It is a whole new quilt! Definitely worth the cost to me.

  3. I love this pattern. I think you would have happier customers with better results if you did the math. I often hear quilters don't want to do the math for a pattern!

  4. Wow! This is stunning, Melissa! Your use of the fabrics is truly masterful! What a wonderful eye for color and placement! And the splendid wood quilting! I love the modifications to the original pattern. I second both Ellen and Anne that I would love to buy the new pattern with the correct quilty math done by you the expert, master quilter!
    Cheers, Laura

  5. I think it looks completely different, so I would want the second pattern. I don't want to have to think and I'd like to know how to cut for the directional print. It's stunning.

  6. I love the outcome! I think it would be time well spent to publish the second pattern. I would buy it!

  7. Please do the second pattern. Love it!! Thanks!

  8. I vote for a second pattern. It hurts my head to do the math!! I love this one more than I do the first?

  9. Vote for the 2nd pattern. Love the look & the quilting design is perfect!

  10. I'd much rather buy this one than the other one ;) This looks great and is now in consideration for my Cat-i-tude Singing the Blues fabric.

  11. I like the first pattern, but I LOVE this version! yes! I would pay for this one again. TBH, I hadn't tried making the first one because I wasn't sure I would like all the "background", but I immediately thought of some fabric I have to make in this new version :)

  12. I absolutely love your version! So beautiful and different.

  13. I love this and will definitely but it...after you handle all the quilting math for us all.

  14. I would love to buy a pattern with this version! Please let me know how to do so :) Stunning!

    1. The pattern can be found in my etsy shop It is called Moroccan Lullaby 2


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