Thursday, May 19, 2022

A Star is Born in Ombre!!!

Last week I mentioned I was starting some new Charming Baby Quilts . . .Well today, I get to share the finish!!!  This is a Star is Born and I am so excited to have finally made this quilt with a nice, crisp, white background.  Doesn't it just make those rainbow of colors shine!! 

I was working on a secret project using V & Co.'s Ombre Galaxy, and when I had a 5" strip and a 2 1/2" strip left from my Fat Quarters, I knew right away it would make excellent Charm Packs and Binding Strips ;)  So I went to my Charming Baby Quilts book, and picked A Star is Born, because, like it said, I have really wanted to make this with a white background :)  

I mean, how can I not pick to make this quilt every time, tee hee hee.   It truly has become a favorite of mine.   And it really goes together fast.  I made the quilt top in 2 days, while working on other projects as well.   And now I have a happy rainbow version to add to the collection of A Star is Born quilts.   

This quilt uses Two Charm Packs and 2 yards of Background Fabric.  So really, we almost all have that lying around in our stash.   And don't you just love the scrappy rainbow binding, so fun!!   And I have just loved seeing all of the A Star is Born quilts you all have been making :)  It's so fun to stroll the #CharmingBabyQuilts hashtag and see all of your amazing quilts!!!

And when it came time to quilt mine, I opted for an all over swirl free motion design.   But I noticed that my swirls were starting to get to be only about 2-3 swirls deep, so I super swirled these and echoed them a whole lot more.  So fun!! I love all of the added texture it gives the quilt :)

 I just love how this one turned out!!   I truly don't think I will ever tire of making this particular quilt.  It is just classic and makes such a fun gift.   In fact, I gifted the Nice Ice Baby version just last week ;)  

I just love making Charming Baby Quilts and I will be sharing the other quilt I started soon, the top is done I just need to quilt it  !!!!   To see more of my Charming Baby Quilts Book, you can visit this Page, that shares all of the original Charming Baby Quilts as well as Free PDF's of each quilt in a larger size (just in case you are not in need of baby quilts) and a Free PDF of a Charming Baby Sampler Quilt.

Thanks for stopping in today :)

Happy Quilting!!!

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  1. It really is pretty with the ombre and the white background.


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