Saturday, May 28, 2022

Just Blooming- HQM Quilt 8

 It is Week 8 of the Happy Quilting Marathon and this one was cutting it a bit close :)  Normally I have it quilted by Saturday and just need to add the binding, but with releasing my new Happy Quilting patterns, (which always takes way longer than you think it will:)  I just barely put this on the longarm a few hours ago ;)    But it was totally worth the wait, because isn't that just such a happy Just Blooming quilt!!!!

And kind of fun . . . this quilt is one of the three that tipped the scales and started this whole Quilting marathon :)  After finishing up 3 quilt tops in February  at retreats, I came home and counted my tops and realized it was time to get quilting :)   

 And this quilt was one I decided to make from scraps I had leftover from my Vintage Windmill class that I took at that same retreat.   I just love working with V & Co.'s Ombre ,so I never waste a scrap of it.   For this project, I choose the  Just Booming quilt from my Charming Baby Quilts book, and separated my warm and cool color fabrics.  I used all the cool colors for the chain and the warm colors for the blossoms and added blossoms in every corner.   I just love how it turned out, so prefect for summer!!!

And since the chain in the design creates the perfect horizontal rows, I decided to quilt L and E loops in straight lines.   This only works on quilts that have a basic grid in the piecing, so I like to use it whenever a quilt design fits it, that way my L and E lines don't randomly move up and down the quilt ;)  And yup,  402 thread for the win.   And I finished up another spool and opened my last one, time to order more ;)  

And I am  super excited to have finished this up.  It is going to be part of my Charming Baby Quilts Trunk Show for a little bit, and then it will make a wonderful gift when I am done sharing it ;)  I totally just love how this quilted turned out, I just can't help but smile at it :)  

And that is Quilt #8 - Just Blooming in Ombre ;)  8 Down and only 18 more quilts to go in the Happy Quilting Marathon :)   I tell you what, this is really getting fun :)  

And that is it for today, thanks for popping in to share this finish with me!!! 

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!

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  1. This is so beautiful! Love the quilting design you added. So many lovely fabric colours in this quilt!

  2. You quilt is so cheerful and bright. I love how you separated the warm and cool colors to set the blossoms apart!

  3. It is just beautiful and so perfect for summer! Congrats on another finish:)

  4. Melissa, this is such a sweet quilt. I love it!!

  5. That looks really nice. It makes a great 8th finish!

  6. Gorgeous quilt ! Beautiful quilting !


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