Monday, April 4, 2022

Happy Quilting Marathon

 Last week, I shared these 3 quilt top finishes that I worked on while "retreating".  Well, this weekend, I made them quilt backs and found their bindings (I always make those at the beginning of a project) and took them over to the "To Be Quilted Closet".

And as I hung them, I realized there were a lot of Quilt Tops, Quilt Backs, and Bindings just waiting to be made into finished quilts.   These are all the quilts that I have made in the last little while (read few years as at least two are from 2018) that don't have "deadlines".  And so here they sit, and can you believe it, they have added up to 26!!!   26 that is like a literal Marathon of Quilts!!!  

And then it hit me, why not have my own Happy Quilting Marathon!!!!  I really think if I give these a deadline and share it here, well then, I am bound to actually quilt and finish these :)   So here is my plan . . . each week for the next 26 weeks, I will finish and share a quilt from the "To Be Quilted Closet".  I have made up this little tracker to keep my motivated, and each week I will add a picture in the box so in the end, I can see them all together ;)  

And I have a huge reward planned at the end.   On October 3rd, right at the conclusion of the Happy Quilting Marathon, I get to set sail on the Aloha Hawaii Quilting Cruise hosted by Stitchin' in Heaven!!!    Talk about Motivation :)  Have you ever done a quilting cruise??  They are oh so much fun!!!  Sadly, this one filled up as soon as it was opened, but there are lots of others to check out if you are interested :)  

So here is to 26 weeks of Happy Quilting!!  Wish me Luck and please help Keep me Accountable :)

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. Wow that is one nice reward, I am sure you will meet your goal with that in mind!!!

  2. What a commitment! But, yes, the reward is grand! 😀

  3. I am looking forward to seeing all of your completed quilts!

  4. I saw this post yesterday! This is an incredible undertaking! Keep us posted if you have a second to let us know!

  5. I look forward to seeing your finished quilts. I, too, have finished tops that need quilting but I have to send mine to a LAQ so I need to save $$ for the quilting!

  6. I love this goal! I am very seriously considering doing my own marathon right along with you. I hope you meet your goal! And the reward! Wow! How great THAT will be! (I commented, also, on you IG post - so glad I follow you both here and there!)

  7. Wow! What an amazing goal. I am also amazed that you have that many finished quilt tips. My goal last year (I am a newbie) was to finish my 20 year old ufo's. I finished two and have two more to go. I am a full time school teacher, so progress is slow. I can't wait to see your finished pictures.

  8. Good luck on the goal. Such a great motivation! You will be able to get another boatload full of quilttops to finish for the next marathon! That star quilt is amazing on the top right.

  9. I had to go back in your posts and find out what this Marathon was all about! I was thinking you were making a quilt from start to finish in a week (which can be done but I hope no one wants to eat or wear clean laundry! ;) ) I am super impressed with your goal though - GO YOU!!! I have a few quilt tops hanging around (actually I SHOULD hang them like you do, hmmmmm) and there is no good reason that they aren't finished quilts. I don't have 26 though, thinking there might be 10. I think once I get these charity quilts off to the recipients I will set myself a goal. Thanks for the inspiration. :D


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