Thursday, August 18, 2022

Texas Quilt!!!

 So you might recall, last year I shared a bunch of Texas Monthly Tutorials for my good friends at Stitchin' Heaven :)  Well, I am excited to say that the quilt top that I finished back in December was not added to the marathon list and is finished and actually already gifted!!!  So fun ;) 

I just loved working on this quilt!!!  Each month brought new blocks and new techniques.   And I totally increased my paper piecing skills, which I am so very happy about ;)  I also did some 3-d piecing which I hadn't done before, and I always love some basic piecing and applique.  All around, just so fun to make!!! 

And who doesn't just love all of this happy Grunge Fabric!!!   Grunge has been a favorite of mine for a long time, but making an entire quilt of grunge, that was so awesome :)  I just love how it all came together with such happy bright colors.  It just makes me smile!!! 

And a big shout out to Barbara, who is the reason this quilt top didn't get added to the Marathon list ;)  Barbara was kind enough to quilt and bind this for me, and then we sent it off to her sister in Texas.  So happy to have it done, and loved in it's new home :)  

And now, I am working on the Boho Quilt with Stitchin' Heaven and am looking forward to another year filled with lots of blocks and learning new techniques again.  I have to figure out English Paper Piecing for this one :)  Should be fun!!! 

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