Friday, December 2, 2022

Covering the World - One Quilt At A Time

 I was so honored when my friends at Moda and AccuQuilt asked if I wanted to participate in the Covering the World One Quilt At A Time project this year.  This has been such an amazing project to see so many people sharing their love through giving of quilts.  Have you seen the hashtag #quilttheworld2022, absolutely amazing!!!  

I absolutely love to donate quilts.  There is nothing more happy making than sharing a quilty hug with someone or some group in need!!!   While I like to donate to many causes and charities, my absolute favorite foundation to donate to is the Festival of Trees benefitting Primary Children's Hospital.  

You see, in 2013, my sweet nephew David was born.  He is my twin sister's second child and he had a hard first few months of life.  David had to have open heart surgery when he was a week old to correct coarctation of his aorta and two holes in his heart.  He then spent the next few months at Primary Children's Hospital recovering.  I can not even put into words the amazing care and love that he and his family was given while at Primary's.  

So every year since then, I donate a Quilt to hang in their Festival of Trees to be auctioned off and the benefits go to help Primary Children's Hospital.  This amazing foundation allows Primary Children's to not just care for each patient, but make them and their family feel so much love, warmth, and a home away from home while they go through such trying times.  These are some of my favorite quilts I have given to Festive of Trees over the past years.  

But this year was a very special year.  David is continuing to grow, which we are all so grateful for.  But with that growth, his heart was having to work more, and this year, he needed to have another surgery so his heart could keep up with him.  So this year, I gave my Festival of Trees Quilt right to my sweet nephew, David.   He took it with him to the hospital and everyone that helped care for him signed it.  

He choose my See Squared quilt because it reminded him of his favorite Lego's.  And it worked out great as everyone was able to sign their own center square.  David is now 10 months post op and doing super well.  He is back to no restrictions and so super happy to be back to his amazing self again!!    And you can also be a part of the Festival of Trees.  It is open for the next few days, you can go here to see how you can help with such an amazing foundation!!!  

Or find any charity, foundation, or organization in need in your own area. This is such an amazing time of year to share love, and my favorite way of doing that is with a quilty hug!!!    So join with me, lots of blogging friends, and Moda and AccuQuilt  participate in the Covering the World One Quilt At A Time project this year!!! It's not to late to cover the world in one more quilty hug in 2022!!!  

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  1. Oh Melissa, what a precious story. My daughter had twins during Covid. One of them later - after being home for two weeks - had to be life flighted to Primary Children's Hospital. I love that you donate your quilts to the annual Festival of Trees in support of the hospital. It would seem we both owe the life of a loved one to their expertise.

    Your quilts are so beautiful!

  2. This is so amazing. Wishing David all the best recovery

  3. Dear Melissa, Thank you for this share and your beautiful quilt donations. My daughter received a quilt while in hospital during one of her 3 rounds of Chemo 3 years ago and she still sleeps with it after ringing the bell. The comfort that quilt provided was everything to her and us. The ripple effect is amazing.
    — Monique Arnold, The Sandpiper Project


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