Friday, June 16, 2023

"All Boy" Three in a Row quilt!!!

 Hello all.  Today I am so excited to share my newest quilt finish with you.   I recently shared my Fast & Fun Lap Quilts in a super fun trunk show, and right before it, I got this idea to make an "All Boy" Three in a Row quilts.   So I grabbed my new Fast & Fun Lap Quilts book, and whipped this up just in time for the Trunk Show!!!  

You see . . . I have a gorgeous Three in a Row quilt made with a Wild Meadow Layer Cake and Spotted Powder background.  Which truly gave it an "All Girl" feel.   So I figured, I might as well have an "All Boy" one as well, right!!!   So I found this Big Sky Layer Cake in my stash and knew it would be just perfect.  I paired it with this wonderful soft green print, that I have to be honest, has been in the stash so long I don't know what it is anymore.  (Always good to work from the stash, right!!!)   And you just have to love that all the quilts in my Fast & Fun Lap Quilts book are made from one 10" Square Stacker and a background fabric. So I truly can go stash surfing and whip something up in no time.

 Isn't it just so fun to see how much a quilt design changes by changing the fabric!   I love changing out the background color, and by using something other than our typical neutrals, we can really add a lot of fun to our quilts!!!  Didn't that soft green just work so great, love it.   Especially as this quilt uses opposite piecing in the two blocks, it just pops all the more!!! And I love that this design allows you to make it look super scrappy, even though it is made with a Layer Cake/10" Stacker. So easy and fun :)

And Three in a Row goes together super fast.   It is just made with some good ol Stitch and flip.   And no worries on all of those points matching, I show you how to press it so all the angled seams will nest.   I love sewing together nested angled seams.  So great!!! This whole quilt is super fast and super fun to make and is equally great for beginners and experts alike. Three In A Row finishes at 54 1/2" x 65", so it is a great lap size to snuggle up in.

And when it came time to quilt mine, I decided on taking advantage of all the straight line piecing, and do so L and E loops.  I like thow the loops tie into the O block ;)   And it also adds so much movement to the quilt. And of course, it is a super relaxing design to quilt and is super fast as well, double bonus!

And that is my new Three In A Row quilt! I hope you have enjoyed this post. To see all of the quilts from my  Fast & Fun Lap Quilts book, you can Visit This Post with all the quilts and all the details ;)  Again, each of the 9 quilts in the book are made with one Layer Cake/ 10" Stacker and a background fabric. It just makes it so fun and easy to whip up these lap quilts!

Oh, and if you make your own Three in a Row Quilt,  (or any of the quilts from Fast & Fun Lap Quilts ) I would love to see them! You can share your projects with me on social media with the hashtag  #happyquiltingwithmc and tag @happyquiltingmc or email me a picture at I can't wait to see your Quilts!!


Oh, and one last note . . . Remember that Trunk Show I mentioned??   Wow, was that so much fun!!!  I have to say, I felt a little like a Rock Star being up on stage and sharing with so many quilting friends!!!   So great ;)

And that is all for today :)

I hope you have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!

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  1. You are a rock star to us! That was a wonderful trunk show and your classes were just the best. Thanks!


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