Thursday, June 8, 2023

Fast & Fun Lap Quilts - Christmas Bonus Quilt with Free PDF Pattern!!!

It's summer and that means sewing Christmas!!!   Christmas sewing in the summer has always been a favorite of mine.   And ever since we started the Fast & Fun Lap Quilts Blog Tour and Vanessa shared her Aurora Quilt in Christmas Eve fabrics, I just knew I had to make a Fast & Fun Lap Quilt in Summer Christmas sewing ;)    And since I had a few extra designs from the submission of Fast & Fun Lap Quilts . . . I thought I would share this as a brand new Bonus Fast & Fun Lap Quilt!!!   Here is The Christmas Star and you can get the FREE PDF Pattern here ;)    

Just like all of the Fast & Fun Lap Quilts, it is made with 1 Layer Cake and some background fabric. I used the above mentioned Christmas Eve Fabrics by Lella Botique for Moda and paired it with my favorite . . . Grunge!!!  This is Grunge Black Dress and it just so makes these happy Christmas fabrics pop!!!  I just love it ;)    

And while this quilt might look a little complicated, it actually quite Fast & Fun to make, surprise, surprise!!!   The quilt is made with No-Waste Flying Geese, (which if you haven't made yet, you are going to love!!) and Half Square Triangles.  Those go together with some basic piecing of 12 blocks that are then surrounded by some tiny cornerstones to make this amazing The Christmas Star quilt.  It finishes at 56" x 74" so it is a great lap size quilt to snuggle up in ;)    

When it came time to quilt my The Christmas Star quilt, I decided to to an all over echoed paisley design. I love how it adds so much movement to all of those crisp points. And if you love this design, I just happen to have a free Video Tutorial for creating this free motion quilting design on your home machine ;)  It's always fun to be Happy Quilting!! 

I hope you love this The Christmas Star quilt as much as I do and if you make your own (or any of the quilts from Fast & Fun Lap Quilts) I would love to see them! You can share your projects with me on social media with the hashtags  #happyquiltingwithmc and #fastandfunlapquilts and tagging @happyquiltingmc or email me a picture at I can't wait to see your Quilts!!

And one last note before I sign off . . . Just in case you missed it . . . the Fast & Fun Sampler Quilt Along finished yesterday, and there were some amazing finishes ;)   If you didn't have the chance to join in the quilt along, no worries, you can still make the Fast & Fun Sampler Quilt.  All you need is the Fast & Fun Lap Quilts Book and the Fast & Fun Sampler Supplemental PDF Patterns that you can download here. I can't wait to see all of your Fast & Fun Sampler Quilts as well as your Christmas Star quilts!!!


I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. Thank you for this beautiful pattern. It will definitely be my 2023 Christmas quilt. Choosing fabrics will be fun and then the pattern/bundle will be added to my “ To Be Started” pile. I am aiming for this quilt, this year, but the reality is, it may be completed sometime next year. Still healing from the broken/replaced elbow and not able to use my left hand or arm at all. So frustrating to not be in front of my machine,
    Thank you again for sharing this beautiful quilt pattern. 🌞😁

  2. What a great idea! I do so love your book! I do have a question--do you prewash your grunge colors? I ask because I have a gorgeous quilt I made for a bed topping backed in red grunge that I did not prewash. After one washing, the backing bled on many of the quilt blocks making the quilt very different. Alas! I need to be brave and wash it again but I am rather nervous!

    1. Wash it again Donna but with those "color catchers" it'll take the bleeding away hopefully. Don't procrastinate ether, otherwise sun light may hit those places and make those bleeds permanent. Good Luck!

  3. Rosemary B here.
    I love this quilt. I have a pile of Christmas fabrics for a top like this

  4. Thank you for the Christmas Star pattern. Your quilt and fabric selection is gorgeous and so beautiful

  5. Thank you! This quilt is stunning!

  6. LOVE this quilt!! Those cornerstones in the sashing take it up to "oh Wow"! Another one of your quilts I'm going to have to make! :-) Hugs, H


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