Friday, March 22, 2019

In Love with Moda Love!!!

So I shared a couple weeks back how I decided to jump in and sew along with the Moda Love Sew Along!!!   I knew I really didn't need a new project at the time, but I have always wanted to make this Moda Love Pattern  ever since it was first released, and the Sew Along was the perfect excuse to join in.  And I have to say, I am so, so, so glad I did!!!!   This quilt is so much fun to make.   I think it will quickly become one of those "go to" patterns when you need a quilt fast.   And don't let this picture trick you, this was made with Layer Cake pieces, and finishes at 72" square.   Perfect for those quick wedding or graduation gifts ;)

And my original plan was not to make 2 quilts.   But I knew I wanted to make the first one in classic Red/White/and Black.   So I grabbed my stashed layer cake of  Shades of Black by Me and My Sister Designs from 2013 (yes, It had been stashed for a little bit :)  and started with the blacks and whites.  But I didn't want to include the grey squares and needed just a few more black/white prints.   So then I remembered I had a half a Layer Cake left over from another project of Authentic Ect. by Sweetwater .  Perfect!!!   But then I had a few Green Squares, Solid White Squares,  and the aforementioned Grey Squares left.   And I didn't want them all to end up in the scrap buckets (those are already overflowing) and so ya, a Second Moda Love quilt came to be.   And I just love it!!!!

Again, I didn't mind piecing two at all, because these are really, really fun to make.  I think it was just what my little creative heart needed in the midst of a little craziness.  Just something fun and fast that I didn't need to think to much about and could just enjoy the process of stitching away.   Now, it's time to make some backs and get these two quilted up.  They will be ready for gifting in no time ;)

And if you want to try out the Moda Love Pattern and join in the Sew Along, you can download it for free right here.    The Pattern has 3 sets of instructions.   So you can make a big 72" square one like me using Layer Cakes, or make a 32" quilt using Charm Packs, or even a cute little mini finishing at 12" using Mini Charm Packs.   Whatever you decide to make, you are sure to have lots of fun!!!

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!!

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  1. Love your tops! I have made 6 of these and am in the middle of quilting the 5th one. They will be gifts for my nieces and nephews. They do go together quick!
    Sandy A

  2. Got it, Moda Love is addictive. I made a mini and want to make a charm pack version. Cute gifts!!

  3. both very pretty.
    I actually love the black grey green quilt the best.
    I love LOVE red so much, but with black,... as a child I was told by my Dutch mother that those colors should never be together hahahaha (WW2) The quilt is very attractive but isn't it weird how profound memories stick in your mind forever and ever
    okay, TMI
    Happy Week-end Melissa. I hope you have a super duper zippy sunny week-end

  4. They are both so great. The colors make them look so different!

  5. Wow! I didn't realize it was so big! Beautiful!


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