Friday, September 18, 2020

National Sew a Jelly Roll Day is Tomorrow!!

 Tomorrow is National Sew a Jelly Roll Day!!!!   Do you have your project picked out??  Here is some last minute ideas if you need a little Jelly Roll Inspiration :)

Petal Pop is probably my most popular Jelly Roll friendly pattern.  I have taught this class so many times, and it is always a favorite among students.   It would be a great one to sew up tomorrow, and it comes in multiple size options, so you don't have to make this big King size ;)  

In fact, I made this Baby size version a few years back on National Sew a Jelly Roll day.   So fun!!!  I got the quilt quilt top done that day, so it really does go together fast ;)  

And I also have a lot of great Jelly Roll Tutorials!!   One of my all time favorites is my Read with Me quilt.  This book quilt is easy to make with Jelly Rolls and then just a bit of applique to finish it off.  I just love this quilt, and it is still a treasure in our home.   And most of all, I just love this picture, how cute are my kiddo's :)   My how time flies!!

And if you have an Ombre Jelly Roll, or any solid color Jelly Rolls for that matter, Shine would be a great quilt to make up!!!   You all know I love a good Chain Quilt and this one really lets you play with the color placement in the chain.  So fun!!!

And Playing the Scales is also another popular one.  The original tutorial was written for Fat Quarters, but I later added the alterations for making it with Jelly Rolls which is way less cutting!!!   It is a great one for using up some of those low volume strips we don't know what to do with ;)

And I have lot's of other tutorials using Jelly Rolls as well, just surf down to the Jelly Roll section to find a favorite :)

Now I just have to decide what I am going to make!!!  I have had this Jelly Roll Rug pattern waiting around for sometime, maybe it is time to get that made up :)

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting (and Jelly Rolling) Weekend!!!

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  1. I've been following your blog for quite a while so I don't know how I hadn't realised how many beautiful quilts (and tutorials to make them) you had! Just beautiful thanks so much.


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